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How To Check Payment on 8171 Web PortalHow To Check Payment on 8171 Web Portal

How To Check Payment on 8171 Web Portal

You check your payment on the 8171 web portal, you are getting issues with various statuses, even the 8171 Web Portal has been updated and despite the update, your original status is not being shown to you. For example, since May 17, the number of Phase One holders of Rs 10,500 is also running simultaneously. If many Phase One holders check their original status on 8171 web portals, they will also get their original status. The show is not happening, I am going to tell you people who go to Google and check the 8171 web portal, then I am going to tell you another method where you go and enter your Shree card number. 

How To Check Status 

You can check whether your status has been received or not, or what status you are seeing there, is the old status being displayed or is there a latest status, the new status has been issued. I am going to tell people the procedure. Yes, there is a new method to check your money. There is a new method to check your money. It has been released since May 17 and phase two is also about to start, so there are many women who check their status and the same old status is shown in front of them on the portal. Five six months old is happening year old, even two two year olds’ status is also showing, so what is the final reason is 8171 web portals have been updated and are the same old despite being updated. If the status is up in front of people, then look, there are two types of things. There are two types of things. They can check their status by repeatedly going up. One is Google and the other is Chrome Up. 

How To Check Payment On Chrome 

If yes, there are two types of options in their mobiles, one is Google, the other is Chrome, both are separate. But they check what they have by going to Google and typing whatever they have to search on the search bar, they go to Google and search. If you do it and put the identification number there, the old status is still there, so this time you did not search on Google. Yes, you did not go to Google. Well, if it doesn’t come, you can still ask them by commenting me, I will make a screen recording video for you guys, inshAllah, so what you have to do is simple, yes, you have to go to Chrome by going to Chrome You have to write on the search bar 81 71 web hotel. You have to type in full. Ok, when you type 8171 web hotel, it will go below. You have to click on it. I am repeating again. Do not open Google. You have to open Chrome, and when Chrome opens, you have to type your ID card number, so after typing the card number, a four-digit code is given below. If you want to type, then when you want to know it, you will click, then all the details will be opened in front of you.

Latest Update

 It comes and there is your latest update, the details are there in front of you. There are many people who have mobile phones. Many women who have mobile phones do not update them. I am telling you this because if you keep in mind here that your Chrome should also be updated and Google should also be updated because they stay on the latest version and you have the same old ones installed and They don’t show their original result after installing the old one, so the mobile phone of the people should be updated, most of the chrome that is updated automatically, you have to go there and check that there is an update. Sir, what status is there? Sir, the method is to check the hotel. Again the same 71 web portal will be updated which means till June its news will be updated again in June then your original status will be shown in front of you I hope. It is necessary for such women whose cases have been released since May 17, then they must go and check their status on Chrome, so this was the procedure, I thought, to share it with the request of the people. There are many people who were worried about this and said that this is what we are doing, so go here and check the status there.

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