How To Check New Payment On BISP portal 2024

How to check New Payment On BISP portal

The new portal of 8171 is poor. You can check your money, but you can also check your children’s money sitting at home. It includes not only the method of checking money. It has been mentioned that the procedure for checking the eligibility of new surveyors or disqualified persons is also given from A to Z. we are going to tell you how to check the new price of 6500 rupees. As soon as you come to Google, here you have to write 8171, as soon as you type it, the first portal that will show is 8171, so you have to click on it. If you do, this portal will be shown in front of you. In it, it is written that if you know about the eligibility of your family


Then you will see a box of ID card numbers. You have to enter that which you have to enter without dashes After entering the ID card number you have to enter the code given in the picture then check here You have been registered in dynamic adjuster You are not eligible for sponsorship. In the same way, you are eligible for subsidy at the utility store, you can purchase from your nearest utility store at subsidized rates. As soon as you click then you want to know about the status of your family. Then we want to check your ID card. Another one find that you have to click on the option that says dynamic registry of your After the charge check, you will be informed about the eligibility by SMS from 8171. Now their charge check is going on. It goes until you have to go through 8 steps then this problem is not solved then verification is going on then you have to wait next check ID card number new we have checked ID card number.

Visit Registration Center 

Please visit your nearest registration center to register in the survey and let them know that they have not done their new survey actually they must have made a new ID card then that’s when the portal is telling them. If yes, you should or you must have made a new one or you have not done the survey, then you should go and get your survey done so that you can be resolved at the office of Benazir Income Support Program which will be present in your tehsil. So next check the ID card number yes now check here you are eligible for kafalat form if you have not received Rs 10,500 recently then go to the nearest payment center established in your district and receive the amount. You have also been registered in the Dynamic Registry. If you were not registered in the Dynamic Registry, you would have been told here that your registry has not been registered. How can you check your money and check your children’s stipends that you will see the child’s stipend money with whom you will get 10500 Rs. 

Children Stipends Update 

The stipends of children will also be added and will be shown along with it. If your payment is only E, then the payment will be shown. 13,000 or 15,000 can be added in the same way, because it depends on the number of children, so this was the method of checking. Tell me how to check the money under the 8171 porter

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