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How to Check Khidmat Card Balance?

Today we will talk about the Zawar Taleem Program and the Khidmat Card Ehsaas program in Punjab for those people whose accounts are getting blocked but have opened the account once or twice, when they go again, then the account is used in the same way. Have you done the proof of line or only that done in Dow, the data is 15 minutes, so whatever you do, after that, the status is the same, so let’s talk about it. Those who have received a Zong SIM or ATM card or have opened a biometric account from the beginning are also being blocked because there is one account, they take payment up when they go to check the second payment. So your account has been blocked or it used to be his and I have to be the only one or he has to go to the data regiment and get his verification done now. 

Verify from nadra’s office:

You have to open your account after about two or three days or a week, because now the account is opened twice instead of once, once when you apply, you are given the time for it. On the same day, the account was opened again, and on the same day, but now the same thing is happening again and again the account is requested, but then the status remains the same, the account is not opened, she said again. It is known that if you open your account, then the solution for this is that you get your verification from Nadra, then after that, your account will be opened.

Complete Process of Opening an Account:

Those who had an account, in the beginning, had an ATM card, but their account was blocked for some reason, they did not use it, and they also had a SIM card. Or if there is a government, we people went round the Zong office, but you are not getting the SIM, so the one who is now will get the Zong and the name that has been changed, you have to go to the Bank of Punjab and get a form from there. From there, attach your number which is in use to your account, it will be attached, then the account will be opened and you will get the amount in your account.

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Children stipend:

Some people think that when their girl leaves school, class 11th and 12th is the time They say they have no money When their girl leaves school in class 11th, they say they have no money, remember one thing that this payment is from 6th to 10th, some girls get money till 12th. It is that their account is opened quickly, for example, some girls continue to receive the payment for one or two years in the ninth class or 10th class. The account is only up to the matriculation, if you make them 8% matriculation, then they have received the payment for the matriculation, then after the matriculation, they will not get the payment, remember this up. 

Installment Process:

The first installment is 12,000 or 25000. So if you got  12000 rupees then you got payment for one year, if you get 25000, then you have got two years payment. They will give you the money if the student is present 70 percent. If they should be left or If attendance is less than that, then your stipend is stopped. The girls from private schools, especially some of them, ask how will get money, if their children are from private schools, they only get payment from the Ehsaas program. There is no condition of a government school for this, from the 6 to 10 class, as much as there are government private institutions, from there, children’s stipend can be applied to all those who are women or they will get a stipend for this, there is no condition of government school, they can get a stipend from public-private institutions from there, women or families who Eligible in the program is the service card which is the Zewar education program is the Ehsaas Punjab card it is only Children study in high school.

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