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How To Check BISP Payment OnlineHow To Check BISP Payment Online

How To Check BISP Payment Online

I’m going to let people know that first of all I took 8171 public quotes because what happened I got an update so a lot of people who already have when they check there, he is famous, they are worried that earlier your show was being done, now our payment is zero show. On the number, what day did it start in the whole country and I am going to give you an update on all the arrangements we have made and in addition to this, there have been a lot of problems. What process are we going to make to solve these problems, so I am also going to tell you about them, in addition to this, I am also going to tell you that tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday. On the next day, whether people will get this payment or not, then I am going to give regular updates to people, so listen to it carefully and convey this message to others so that as many people as possible can get it. What are the problems, what can they be, can they be solved, viewers, listeners and lovers. I keep giving you time for any updates about the Nazar Income Support Program.

Update About 8171 Portal 

First of all, I’m going to tell you about the portal, because what has happened to the portal since we updated it, you guys. What happened? Are you worried and are you worried because what you guys are doing is zero show? What are we going to do? We are going to give the payment. Apart from that, what will the rest of the district do? We will not update the portal. They have done all the work together, after that we have advocated what we have done and we have done the work because in the districts in which they are not going to be given in the PMT, we have updated their portal. It shows zero instead of the balance, now the previous payment was being shown, it was from the old episode, what have they already done, what has happened now, now we have started payment in the duster. No, that’s why their balance is zero and they don’t have anything to worry about. When we start PayBet in these districts, then we will update their hotel again and their What will happen if the show will start in the Total Payment Portal, then there is nothing to worry about, neither are you worried, nor are your people’s moods blown, nor are you people’s media, if they prevail over it, because of this. This is what I want to make clear to you people and we did it because I told you earlier that the boundaries of our districts, which are their borders, have met with each other. 

Phase Wise Payment Start

Now one district ends, after that, another one starts, so the danger to us was that you people have migrated, you people have migrated and started taking payments from there, that is, our paper on the portal. So the show is going on, we don’t know when the payment will start, so what should we do, what we are meeting in the nearby disturbance, we go there and take it. Then you people would also have been in trouble and what would have happened because of you people living in this duster, there would have been a rush there, so they would also have difficulties in taking payment. If the flutes are not played, what have we done? We are not doing payment distribution in all such districts, so what have we done with their balance? If they start the distribution, their balance will be shown again. Apart from this, many people were also asking that our payment on the earlier portal was showing more, so what happened from where the portal has been updated. What has happened to us? It has reduced from before. Look, earlier your payment was showing, it was showing the previous payment. It was that the package you received was also included in it. You also had your own fortune. Now in this episode, you have already taken the stipend of almost all the children and the rest who have their own rap are the stipend of the children. So, what is happening in Mian B? The verification is being done, then the verification will be complete, then we will go and get it. That is why the total payment of almost people now is only the woman’s and it is in 10 thousand five hundred, that is why. When the portal has been updated, earlier there were more shows in them, but now it is less, because now the payment is only that much, but you people should not worry about payment, because whenever a woman takes a bull. It goes, people must have seen you, so what are we doing, we first give them a tip and regularly screen them and we write it on Total.

How To Take Payment 

They want to go and take this payment, so leave these worries and relax completely. Look at this whole woman, how old will she be? If there was something like that, then I would have told you people. If it were, all those people do not continue to pay, we also had problems on the rest of the camp side. It was the first day. There was a lack of detailers in many places. If their signal was not coming, then there were problems like this, they are also facing a lot of problems and a lot of disease which was payment was getting to smooth women and there is no problem in it. All the problems that have arisen in taking up the project, there are a lot of problems, so they have been formalized, it has also been noted and the headquarters has also discussed it, and regular procedures have been adopted to overcome these problems. God willing, we will try to overcome the problems you people are having as soon as possible so that you people can get the payment in a good way and by sale method. Sir, this is the installment, will it be available tomorrow on Saturday and Sunday, or not, on Capson, so this is the installment, it is on Saturday and Sunday, you guys know what happens, the banks are closed, gentlemen. Sometimes they are short of cash, then when the bank is closed, then this issue appears on their device, and the device is not open. And the cash is less, so you people are in trouble again, so to save you people from this trouble, what has been done on Saturday and Sunday, which is capsid, at 7 o’clock in the morning on the day of Afrah.

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