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How To Check BISP New PaymentHow To Check BISP New Payment

How To Check BISP New Payment

Do you also want to get money from the government? If yes, then a list has come for you, check your name from this list Yes, you can check where you will get the money. Yes, you will be told the complete details regarding this list. If you think about it, then I will understand you. Let me tell you that the third and last phase of the monthly installment of the sponsorship program under the Benazir Income Support Program is going to start now after a long wait, in which all The rest of the beneficiaries who were still waiting for who will meet us, their waiting hours have ended because, God willing, the rest of the sponsorship program is being released simultaneously from July 3. Let us also tell you about this. 

Installment System Update 

That this time these installments were released in stages, the first two stages have reached their completion, now the last and the third stage is going to start and this time these installments will be provided to you in stages. You can get it only from Campside, by the way, the installments that came before that, you could easily get your installments by going to the nearest agents, retailers and those shops from where you bought it earlier. They were also ready to take their installments as usual but now the procedure is different. In this regard, a list of the last stage has been prepared and through this list, the complete procedure is going to be told to the up-up to know that you Which place will be in the area or near you from where you will get this episode, then they proceed to this list and tell you the complete procedure. Viewers are given a link in the description box to click on it.

How To Check BISP New Payment
How To Check BISP New Payment

3rd Phase District List 

Then you can find this list. Well, in this list, complete details are given that which point will be near you, which camp side will be from where these payments will be provided to you. We are telling you the list of Punjab province. If you belong to any other province other than Punjab province, then you must write your department name in the comment section and like the video along with it so that we can share your morning. I can also tell you the list. Okay, now we are talking about the province of Punjab. I will search here, as I have searched my district. Okay, so you can see it here. all the tehsils of are being told ok if i check from here karol law lesson ok here there are three cam sites of karolal usn ok they are telling government degree college for women fatehpur City is OK, Degree College for Boys, Crore City is OK, so is this tehsil again. You can see that Government Boys Muslim High School Chowk-e-Azam is right, so this is also a city of Leh where this point is being told. 

ATM New Payment System Update 

All payments will also tell the procedure to get through ATM if you also want to know the complete procedure to withdraw money from ATM now write ATM or just write it in the comment section accordingly we will see if More and more people want to know this procedure and there are more comments, so inshallah we will tell you the complete procedure in the next videos. have been disqualified, well, all the people are asking again and again that please tell me some mechanism through which we can become a part of this program again. If we were disqualified, see, firstly, there is no mechanism through which you can be part of this program again and secondly, it is not your fault that you did the dynamic survey, it was your fault that you did the dynamic survey. They don’t because people who do dynamic survey are called and those who do dynamic survey if they are eligible then they are not disqualified if they are not eligible then they are disqualified but they are for a short period of time. For that, they will be surveyed again and after this survey they will be able to be a part of this program again.


but those who are blocked, it will be very difficult for them to be a part of this program again.Similarly, you can search the name of your district, you can search the name of your tehsil like That this is DG Khan, OK, so here the points are being told from where you will get this episode, so from now you must check the name of your district, your area, so that as soon as the episode starts, you will get this point.

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