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How To Apply Nigehbaan ProgramHow To Apply Nigehbaan Program

How To Apply Nigehbaan Program

It will be available only to two types of people, other than that, all the other people have been disqualified from this program. If their money has been closed, you can also check yourself whether you will get the next installment or not, whether you are eligible or ineligible. A latest update has also reached you, you know that 12 thousand rupees assistance is to be received under Nigheban card, then the most important latest updates of this program will be shared with you in the same video and especially regarding Himmat card. There are many questions from people, so their answers will also be given to you. Also, through 8171, the government is continuing to provide assistance to people under various programs. 

Which People Get BISP Payment 

First of all, two different aid programs of Rs. 12,000 and Rs. If there are questions about this, see that these are separate programs and after looking at the financial situation of different people, these programs will provide special assistance to them. Comparing it with the program which is being registered through 81 23, it is a different program and this Himmat Guard is a different program. It is okay to register it on Edge One to Three by typing your ID card like this. After setting the Qspace ID card number, the registration is done, and at the same time, no new code has been released for the registration of the Hamat card program, and efforts are being made to get a new one very soon. The code will be issued through which Himat Card and Nigheban Card will be applied, so the purpose of telling here is that Hum Kadam Program and Himat Card Program are separate programs and there is also a difference between them that only will not be a part of the program but special persons means that those who are registered disabled persons will be included in this program and assistance will be issued under these assistance programs and it is not for all people. 

Who Registered In Dynamic Survey 

According to the information, you must have confirmed that not all people can apply in this program, only special people will be able to join this program. Now let’s talk about the Benazir Income Support Program. The upcoming installments under the support program will be given only to two types of people, one is those who have been registered in the Benazir Income Support Program for one and a half to two years or they have completed the dynamic survey. If they have received the first or the second, the installments of these people will be released without any tension and they will also be able to receive it as well as other types of people who have been included in this program for a long time and given assistance. Going means three to four years have passed and now recently within three to four months they have done their dynamic survey even after doing the survey again the 8171 web portal is still telling them that they are eligible. 

Last Date To Apply BISP Re Survey 

Also, these installments will definitely be received, apart from that, those people who have been joining BISP for about three to four years and have not yet re-surveyed, their June After that the installments will be closed. The purpose of repeatedly telling this is that when this time is gone from your hands, only regret will be left for you. It has been made mandatory to re-survey before 30 June 2024 and also disqualifies and blocks from the program those who do not complete the survey at all or who enter false information while completing the survey. Inshallah, the installments of Benazir Kafalat Program and Education Scholarship Program are going to be released from May 10, so you will be able to get these installments from your nearby centers, but here is the good news regarding the new banking system. InshaAllah, by introducing the new banking system very soon, BISP payments will be provided to the public through six more new banks.

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