Good News: How to apply Kisan card 2024 | Benefits of Kisan card

How to apply Kisan card

I will tell you about farmers. There is a New offer,New Relief package for brothers. It is starting, in which you will get a Kisan card, who are the farmers who will get a Kisan card and how to apply. How can you apply online and what are the things you will need in this program?

Kisan card starting From 25 April

First of all let me tell you when Kisan Card is starting and which people will get Kisan Card and its What is the process of the application, what are the things that you need and what are the farmer brothers who can apply for it and can get their farmer card. Well, first of all, this program will start from April 25. From April 25, registered farmers of Punjab who have less than 12 acres of land in their name will be able to apply for Punjab Kisan Card from Bank of Punjab along with individual ownership of their land. Yes, I have told you that farmers who have less than 12 acres of land will be included in this program. They will get this kisan card. 

How to get Kisan card

Ok, for the Punjab Kisan card, the Kisan account will be opened in the Bank of Punjab. On this basis, the Punjab Kisan card will be issued. You have to go there, but you have to open an account regarding your Kisan Card. After opening the account, you will be able to apply for your Kisan Card. Apart from that, do not apply for another Kisan Card. You will be able to. Ok, there will be a Pak card on the Punjab Kisan card. Ok, there will be a pay card on which farmers will be able to keep up to 20 lakhs in their account. If you will be able to keep whatever you have, then you will also get the convenience of whatever you have. Besides, you can withdraw up to 50,000 per day from the ATM machine of any bank, including Bank of Punjab, from the Punjab Kisan Card. OK, you will also be able to withdraw your money up to 50,000 on a daily basis. They will be able to benefit from the mobile app and will be able to do online transactions and it will also be convenient that they will be able to apply online with the application of Punjab Bank in line-up, they will also be able to send money and they will also be able to do transactions. 

Get loan by Kisan card

They will also get whatever benefit they have from this app. Well, Bank of Punjab will give an interest-free loan of 30,000 per acre to every farmer on Punjab Kisan Card, which will have to be paid after six months, so they will also have this facility. 1000 per acre, you will also get a loan, so this is a lot of money, after six months, you will have to pay back the loan. But Bank of Punjab will also provide agricultural implements and agricultural machines to the farmers on a subsidized basis. Now, if you want to buy anything, an example is buying tractors etc. or buying anything if you have a Kisan card. If there is any situation, you take solutions, etc., then you will get whatever subsidy you have. Regarding the Kisan Card, it is fine, then through the Punjab Kisan Card, farmers will be given subsidies on fertilizer at the agricultural center, if anything. If you take it, then you will be given the subsidy etc., just like you used to get before. It will be scanned on Bank of Punjab’s POS machine. The machines will be scanned, after that you will be given the subsidy that you have. will be given by this calculation You will get less. Ok, so the farmers will be included in the tube well and   scheme on the Sindh Card of Punjab. Pake Kale etc. will also be made and after that the tube wells which you know are on solar plates will also be included or you will be installed for free or you will be subsidized on it. It seems that Kisan Cards are very beneficial for you, those Kisan brothers who have not yet applied for their Kisan Card from April 25, complete the things I have told you and get your If you have a Kisan Card, go and apply. It is OK. 

Competition between kisan

Through the Punjab Kisan Card, the farmers will compete for Zari plots in Punjab. The winner will be awarded a prize. The land will be compared to their crop and the average will be awarded by the government. Those who have not yet applied for the farmer card we have on April 25 will be theirs. The program is starting its program from 25th April, if . So join this program, God willing, you will also get a subsidy etc. and all the farmers who will be packaged in this regard will also be included in it.

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