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How to apply BISP 8171 ProgramHow to apply BISP 8171 Program

How to apply BISP 8171 Program

More money is being shown and you are being told here that you have 25,000 and you have 45,000, but when you go to the center, you don’t have the full amount. If found, what is the reason for this, I will tell you the complete details and which people have received money in their account from 8171 and you can also see their approval etc. 25,000 has been received and someone here is taking 45,000 and someone is taking 75,000, so you can see the proof of it. If it is here, we cannot share the complete details here, but we can tell you that you may also be paying more. It will be given, you can go and take your payment, but before taking it, you must check, now the question arises here. But we didn’t get the most money, so I made a request to you guys that the government has made some changes in the Benazir Income Support Program, who is Naveed Akbar DG, also on behalf of BISP’s owner Naveed Akbar. An announcement was made and they said that we want this money to reach those who are entitled to it. People used to complain a lot. 

8171 Survey Update 

The government has again said that you people should get your survey done now when the survey is done there will be a dynamic registry, then through 8171 the people who are eligible will be eligible and those who are eligible will be eligible. If they do not fulfill the BSB program, they will go out on their own because the government has kept the poverty score based on the calculation. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz started another program in which way if we talk about Nigheban program, the Nigheban program was started by the government. People had also applied for this solo plate, so the consumers who had used less than 100 units in it, the government has to install the system of solar panels here on their houses and complete them. In the same way it will turn on the lights, run the electricity, run the fans, everything will happen that you are applying for that solar panel. It has been said here that your poverty score is very low and if you are among the poor, then those families who have solar plates and solar panels that the government has to give, inverters and batteries have to be given. If there is a lot, you can participate in this scheme. 

New Scheme Started

The government has also started this scheme for those under 20 programs so that the poverty score is kept low. The poverty score is very high. Many families are poor here and if If your poverty score is less than 25, then it is certain that you are eligible here and considering the poverty, not the government has helped many families here and the government is continuing to help more. It has been kept, so those who are willing to take payment from the Banker Income Support Program, then let me tell them here how you can get up from the Banker Income Support Program and take money together because the new DG Naveed Akbar of PSP program is very good Daisy and he has done many reforms in Benazir Income Support Program and also he has maintained merit and transparency. Now Naveed Akbar informed that we All the poor families have been given the same opportunities here and now once again we want all the women to have their accounts verified, their dependents to be identified and their biometric registration to be done so that they can be identified. It should be said that these people are eligible and they get money here, so that they don’t continue to get money, which is unjust, then the government has taken good steps for that. will do and give them payments here, it is not that you will not get any payment, but those who were saying that they will not get payment after June 2024.

How To Apply BISP 

Let me tell you that the government has. The program has been continued and the government is going to continue to give money to you people, so now when you go and check on the portal, you are being told that you have more money, so the reason is also there. I will tell you what is its special reason, but before that, I have a small request from you friends that we bring information to you people with so much effort and love, after that, you people here. But They say that this thing has been done by the government. There are more than 100,000 families who have been included in the Benazir Income Support Program and they are benefiting here. Apply for the income support program and The portal had to be updated because there are people belonging to poor families whose children have not received the stipend, whose payments have stopped or account verification has not been completed or biometric registration has not been completed or any And because of the problem, your payment could not be received, then this payment has been merged. Yes, you both can go and get it. The work that the government is doing here is now 8171 sections. It has been updated by the government. People check by entering their CNIC and after that they are told that they are getting 42,500 or 40,000. Some are getting less, some are getting 8000, some are getting 10,000, you don’t get 10,000, but you definitely get 10,500 from here if you register in the Income Support Program. The purpose of the government to improve the better income support program was that we could facilitate the people, so now the government has re-sent the payment of the children, whose payment was stopped earlier.

Payment Update 

If you get the payment, tomorrow it will be shown here, so it will be 23,000 or 75,000 or 42,000. If you have taken the children’s stipend, then you can go and get the stipend. Your children’s stipend has been received and if you have already received the stipend, then you have to wait. After seeing this policy, after that, the government will build its own store, then you people will be given the date of payment, which in today’s video, as we told you that we are still getting payment within May, but in June. What is inside the new government will forward it here, so in order to get it within June, you should take a survey here in the regular basic income and program. The Bensar Income Support Program payment will go away

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