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Himat Card Registration

Assalamu Alaikum. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Welcome to another exciting and beneficial video. Today, I’m here with a powerful and concise video to talk to you about the Himat Card. You can see the picture of the card here; it is finally available. This card can be used at ATMs and comes with numerous benefits. I’ll explain whether everyone will receive this card, how much money you can get from it, and other advantages. Be sure to watch this short video in its entirety to get all the details. If you only watch part of it, you’ll miss out on important information. Before we proceed, if you’re new to my channel and interested in more valuable and beneficial videos like this, please subscribe and press the bell icon for timely notifications. Don’t forget to like the video and leave a positive comment.

Features and Benefits of the Himat Card Registration

Firstly, let me explain the primary benefits of the Himat Card. This card will provide a sum of money on a quarterly basis. Additionally, you will be eligible for a government job under a 3% quota system. No government has previously launched a program that offers both employment and financial aid. This money is intended to help you take care of your household, improve your living conditions, or start a small business to increase your income. Both men and women can apply for this card, regardless of whether you receive Benazir Income Support funds or have participated in any surveys. The card is designed to be accessible and beneficial for everyone.

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Additional Uses and Benefits of the Himat Card

The Himat Card also offers various other advantages. For instance, you can get discounts on railway tickets when traveling. If you show this card while booking air travel, you’ll receive cheaper tickets. Moreover, at hospitals, you’ll benefit from discounted medications and treatments. In educational institutions, the card will provide access to courses that can enhance your employment prospects. This initiative is aimed at improving your overall quality of life through multiple avenues. Despite my poor health, I have made this video for you because your support means everything to me. Please watch the entire video, like it, and share your positive comments below. May Allah keep you all safe and grant us all good health.

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Interest-Free Loans for Entrepreneurs

The government is offering significant financial assistance in the form of interest-free loans. This initiative allows individuals to borrow substantial amounts, ranging from 5 lakh to 20 lakh, without any interest. The process is simplified by using a special card provided by the government. This card, which can be presented at the Bank of Punjab, allows eligible individuals to secure loans easily, without any age or other stringent conditions. With this financial support, individuals can start or expand their businesses and pursue their entrepreneurial goals. This project is part of the Government of Punjab’s broader policy, spearheaded by Maryam Nawaz, and aims to empower special individuals by providing them with necessary financial resources.

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Additional Benefits for Special Persons

In addition to interest-free loans, the special card offers various other benefits tailored for special persons. These include discounts on public transportation such as buses, trains, and flights. By showing this card, special individuals can avail of significant fare reductions, making travel more affordable and accessible. Moreover, cardholders are eligible for government jobs and other benefits, enhancing their employment prospects and overall quality of life. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to supporting special persons by providing them with opportunities and resources to thrive in society.

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Easy Registration and Application Process

The registration process for obtaining this special card is straightforward and accessible. Interested individuals need to visit their nearest Bait-ul-Mal office with their original identification card and the special person’s identification card. Once registered, they will receive the card within a few days, enabling them to access the various benefits. The government has established Bait-ul-Mal offices in every district and tehsil, ensuring that all eligible individuals can easily apply. Additionally, those who qualify will be given training and job placements based on a 3% quota in government departments. This initiative also includes concessions on education and travel, making it a comprehensive support system for special persons. For further guidance, individuals can seek assistance from local offices or refer to informational videos provided by the government.

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