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HBL Price Device

HBL Price Device :

How to get a money withdrawal device or Ehsaas Kafalat device and what are the requirements for it secondly what is the salary or commission of those who start the video then first of all the device If we talk about it, there are currently two banks operating in the wallet payment district in which Al Falad and HPL Banks are all Angels. Bye-paying work is being paid by both the banks i.e. Al-Fly Bank and Al-Fala Bank and Action Bank.

SPS Bank devices in different areas:

Islamabad is providing SPS Bank devices in Punjab and Sindh and Khaiber Pakhtoon Khawa is providing these devices in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. Payment is being Disrupted, now any person who wants to get the device get the device by contacting the state bank.

Security for this device:

This is the most important thing and he and usually the new guy who gives the device has to pay a security of at least two to three two lakhs or more if it is related to Dedum or video etc. The security can be less than this, then the holder has to give bundles of at least Rs.1 lakh, it costs 35, etc. on the device, which is of no use to the device holder after 33 goes for the program. If re-transaction is done like 100 rupees, even if he befriends Benazir Beneficiary or not, then in the same way at least one lakh rupees is done in each type and labor card, etc. is included or commission is received by an agent. 

Only 18 rupees are given for transitions, but it is also deducted to 10  rupees, which means that at least one agent gets a total commission of 10 to 12 thousand rupees, and his family, etc. are none. And now, to meet this shortfall, the agent can use the benefit money from the device from which money is withdrawn from the mother-in-law sponsorship program. How can you get this device at home? It is very easy and very beneficial.

It will happen if you can take the device, how to take it, how to take it, and whether you have to submit any security or not, we will talk about all the details in this video

Terms and conditions for getting this device:

To get the device of the AhsasKafalat program, you must have some education, you must be able to operate the device or the Android phone because even in this, the SIM Android phone or the app is sealed in the presence of the authorized person. You should have a little bit of information. You should have a grocery store or a mobile phone. After that, you have to enter HBL Habib Bank They have to go and say that you have to open an HBL agent account then after opening your HBL agent account you have to open an AC account after that you have to tell HBL Habib Bank.

Give us ZM’s number, they will give you ZM’s number, then you have to contact ZM. The device will be given to you within 15 to 20 days with the device as a sponsor you cannot operate it at your shop but you can operate it at the Up Center in your district.

It will be taken if ZM is a friend of yours and knows, then he can take only 150,000 from you. Yours will be returned and you will have to return the device there. If you want to get the device, you will have to go to Habib Bank in HBL. 

The same guide will give you more information. There is a lot of benefit in it. 30 rupees 25 rupees will be a commission for withdrawing money from a woman and the money you withdraw will also have to be deposited in the bank. will have to take

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