Big News: Ehsaas Program ke Paisen | HBL ATM Qist 10500

HBL ATM Qist 10500

Ehsaas Program ke Paise Bisp New Update HBL ATM Qist 10500 distribution is still being done across the country and since when the ATMs were going to be restored, Bradyum will inform you that the skip will be issued while those who have completed their new survey and A lot of people are doing it, some people are thinking that if we don’t do the new survey, our money may be stopped and those who have done the new survey are they qualified or still in chance check. Read:

Benazir Kafal Programme

Is it or have they been disqualified, will the survey people also get 10500 rupees for the provision of Benazir Kafalt, apart from the 10500 rupees that is being given, then the notification has also been received for 10 thousand rupees in your account. I have also moved, so the distribution of 10500 rupees is still going on across the country, people are receiving their installments, but because this month of Ramadan is going on, the timing of the month of Ramadan has changed a little. Up payment could be received even till 5 o’clock but now some retailers open their shops till 3 o’clock and some keep their shop open till 4 o’clock so that people can receive their payment before 10 o’clock.

Ehsaas Program ke Paise Bisp New Update HBL ATM Qist 10500

Ramazan package KPK

The amount of 1000 rupees has been transferred to your account, 10 thousand rupees of the Ramazan package of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has been deposited in the account of 7 lakh 77 Hz 419 beneficiaries. You can also see clear evidence that 10,000 rupees have been deposited in the accounts of all the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while talking about 8171 surveys, a large number of women are still conducting surveys.Ehsaas Program ke Paise Bisp New Update HBL ATM Qist 10500 There used to be an online survey, but later it took three to six months to find out, but now it’s not like that, as soon as you do the survey, after 30 minutes, you get to know whether you are eligible or ineligible. 

 joined the new survey

There are still many women who have taken the survey, some have been disqualified immediately, but there are some who have been put under scrutiny and some have been re-eligible. If they were already taking money, they have been re-eligible, while there are some women LCs who have joined the new survey, they had not taken the survey before, nor had they taken money, so they were not included in the verification. It has been revealed that people were poor before and are still poor, so their poverty score has remained the same since then. 

Benazir Income Support brand 

Talking about Rs 10500 type ATM, it was told by the government of Pakistan earlier that we will open the ATM in the month of February but now again Benazir Director of Income Support Tran The general has clearly told that the real reason for not opening the ATM is that there is a technical fault, the bank and Benazir Income Support brand staff are fixing it and improving the performance of the ATM. Currently, the ATMs cannot be restored. As soon as the ATMs are restored, you will be informed by the Income Support Branch Office, while the installment of Rs. From where you used to receive payment earlier, you can still receive your payment from the detailed account of Benazir Income Support Form.


When will the Rs. 10,500 installment be available through ATMs?

The latest update suggests the ATM withdrawals for BISP beneficiaries started from March 15, 2024.

Why can’t I withdraw my BISP installment using my ATM card?)

If you’re facing issues withdrawing your BISP amount, it’s best to contact the BISP helpline or visit their nearest office for assistance.

When can I expect the Rs. 10,500 installment through HBL ATMs?

Unfortunately, the FAQs don’t specify an exact end date for the ATM withdrawals. While the latest update confirms withdrawals began around March 15, 2024, it’s best to contact BISP directly for the most current information.

Can I still withdraw the BISP amount through HBL ATMs in Hyderabad, Sindh?

Assuming the program follows the previous distribution pattern, then yes, you should be able to withdraw your BISP amount at HBL ATMs in Hyderabad, Sindh. HBL ATMs are designated for beneficiaries in Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab

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