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Green tractor scheme

The Green Tractor Scheme was founded by a group of agricultural plastic recycling specialists with a shared ambition: to standardize the UK farming industry’s approach to recycling all agricultural plastics by 2030. This initiative emerged from a collective need to address the pressing issue of agricultural plastic waste and promote sustainable farming practices.

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Our Story

The Founding Vision

In 2020, after years of working in the agricultural waste management sector, our founding members recognized the critical need for a dedicated effort to educate and empower the farming community. This realization led to the creation of the Green Tractor Scheme, with a clear mission to ensure that all agricultural plastic waste is recycled by 2030. Our strategy focuses on three main areas:

  1. Education: We aim to educate farmers on correctly separating and presenting waste.
  2. Collaboration: We work closely with recyclers to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Advocacy: We lobby the government to eliminate unnecessary plastics from the supply chain.

Setting the Standard

With the ambitious target of 2030, the Green Tractor Scheme is actively working to set industry standards. We are committed to recruiting every agricultural business to take responsibility for their role in transforming the environment and the industry.

Our Members

Corporate Ambassadors

Our corporate ambassadors play a crucial role in our mission. Here are some key members:

Company Contact Website
Agrii Agrii
Asda Asda
Dengie Feeds Dengie
FPS Flexible Packaging FPS
Glasson Fertilisers Glasson
Origin Fertilisers Origin
Shorts Agricultural Services Ltd Shorts
Smartlift Bulk Packaging Smartlift
Witham Oil Group Witham
Woldmarsh Producers Ltd Woldmarsh
Yara UK Yara
Zeus Packaging Zeus

Collection & Processing Members

We also have dedicated collection and processing members, including:

Company Contact Website
Agri.Cycle Agri.Cycle
C A Agricultural Services CA Agricultural
Emerald Isle Recycle Emerald Isle
Farm XS Farm XS
Grassroots Recycling Grassroots
William Recycling William
Harby Agriculture Harby
Heritage & Sons Heritage
Kelshall Plastics Kelshall
Kitson Recycling Kitson
Solway Recycling Solway
W&W Mackie W&W Mackie

Growing Network

“We’re an ever-growing network!” says a Brand Champion of the Green Tractor Scheme. Our members are expanding each year, enhancing our impact on the UK agricultural industry. The more members we have, the greater our ability to drive meaningful change.

Get Involved

Find Your Nearest GTS Processor

Interested in joining the Green Tractor Scheme? Contact us to find your nearest GTS processor and become part of the movement toward sustainable agricultural practices.

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News & Education

Driving Sustainability in Agriculture

The Green Tractor Scheme is committed to promoting sustainability in agriculture. Our founding members, including Agri. Cycle and Grassroots Recycling, are at the forefront of this movement. Discover more about their efforts and how they are driving change in the agricultural sector.

By integrating comprehensive education, collaboration, and advocacy efforts, the Green Tractor Scheme aims to revolutionize agricultural plastic recycling in the UK, setting a new standard for sustainability by 2030. Join us in this transformative journey and contribute to a greener future for agriculture.


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