Good News Government of Pakistan 8171| How can you check this payment?

Government of Pakistan 8171

Going to share the update, finally, the government has announced to give two installments for all of you, in which you will also be able to get the amount of Rs. 21500 very soon. How can people get this amount? Not only is there any amount of Rs. 10500 and they are going to receive child benefits under 8171.

How can you check this payment? 

Complete details here 21500 rupees are being given to your benefits, quite a large number of people have received their two stories and still people are receiving, is this payment up to retail and thousand still? Group up retailers or campsites that are built by the government in various government schools or some offices that have been allocated by the government, then we can also receive this payment from there but in some places. People are turning to chemistry due to device shut down because the government has warned them that now payments should be made from the camp side, not only children’s allowances have also gone into it, not only these people.

Visit the nearest payment center established in your district:

To whom this time is being issued, they have also done their dynamic surfing and they are getting paid earlier. are getting or their examination is going on or they were having some finger problem so that’s why they are getting additional payment then it is not like that at all but some women have been given by the government This amount has been sent to their account, on checking them on the 71 portal from Tekaz, they are getting this message that your ID card is a solution for Kafalat Ram if you have recently paid an amount of Rs. 21500 including education. 

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Ehsaas Kafalat Program

If you have not received the scholarship money, go to the nearest payment center established in your district and collect your money. The problem of conducting is also over because they have also dropped their survey because the date set by the government on June 30, they have now qualified and they have been paid in two installments by the government. One is their payment and one is the child benefit payment that they have incurred. A total of two payments have been transferred to the accounts of such women. If you have not received your money yet. If you can, you can also check your case on the portal of 8171.

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