Good News New Code Online Registration 2024

Good News New Code Online Registration

Who should send their ID card to 8800? There has been a big update in this regard. It has been done for which the new code short code 8800 is replying after sending the ID card to the court. We have already told you, but now the latest update in this regard is that which people will be registered and which people will not be and who will continue to send such messages, we will also tell you in detail about it. Similarly, you will be updated regarding Hamat Card and Nigheban Card, you will also be updated regarding BISP.

New Code 8800 Registration 

First talk about the message service of this new shortcut of 8800. So why are we not being told about the eligibility because you know the Roshan Gharana scheme under which the government is providing free solar panels to the people so this new short to know the eligibility. The code has been opened, so now those people who are on it will apply and send their ID card. First of all, you need to understand that under this new program, Roshan Gharana Scheme, all such people will get free solar plates. Those whose electricity bill is less than s unit and their PMT score as per BISP is less than 25 then these people will be included in this program because only your You will not be given these facilities just because of charging less than one unit of electricity, but also your financial condition will be seen whether you demand or not, all such people whose PMT If the score is 25 and their electricity bill is less than one unit, then they can send their original ID card after the next three to four days by sending a message to 8800 in the right message option of their mobile phone. 

Himat card Update 

They will write and send it from their registered SIM, then inshallah they will be informed about the eligibility of this program, as well as regarding Nigheban card and Himat card, we have explained the complete Procedure. 

The full method of Baitul-Mal registration has been told, so you can do your own registration sitting at home by watching the previous video and understanding the complete procedure. Remember that these are all the aid programs of Baitul-Mal They are only for disabled people, for those who are registered and there are many disabled people who are not registered, they don’t even have a disability certificate, so for them too, God willing, in the next video, we will tell you the complete procedure. How can you get your disability certificate? Along with this, let us tell you about BISP that even the regular beneficiaries of Benazir Kafalat program cannot apply for Nigheban Card and Hamat Guard. 

How To Apply Himat Card 

You must have been shocked to hear this because earlier it was also being told that only the beneficiaries of BISP will be provided Hamat Card and Nigheban Card, so there is nothing like that. Also, let us inform you that one of the most important updates from the office regarding the new installments of the Benazir Kafalat program is that due to the implementations of the new banking system and some technical issues this month. The case brought by me may be a little delayed if it cannot be released in the first two weeks, then inshallah the first installment of the sponsorship program and the education scholarship program will be released before the last week and further on this installment.

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