Good News New 10500 Double BISP Payment 2024

New 10500 Double BISP Payment

You are finally going to get a double payment of 10500 rupees. Which people will get double payment from Friday? Will you also be able to receive two installments? What are the three types of people who are eligible? What is going on and the good news has come for them. Who is this kitty? I am going to conduct a new survey and a big announcement has been made for the examinees too.

10500 Payment Update 

From 10500 rupees two permits will start and you can receive it, but there is also a big question that the notification issued by the government of Pakistan was on May 13, now who is it on Friday? There are people whose payment will start and you can also receive it. The Jihad government has announced great news for three types of people. Now let me tell you the names of these three types of people. Going, but before that, let us also clear you that the people with ATMs are repeatedly asking us questions about ATMs, sending messages and commenting, so let them know. Let us tell you that those who are struggling about the ATM should open the ATM now that the installment of Rs 10,500 will be released from the ATM. Now six banks have opened your account but this payment of 10500 rupees will not be available to you from the ATM, only you can get it from your nearest center which will be a camp site in your city.

Bisp Procedure

Now they are talking about the procedure to bring transparency in Benazir’s support program, i.e. to bring transparency in the payment of installments. It has been changed, now we share with you the details of how you will get these installments, but before that, let us tell you that Hazrat Imam, the people who are receiving money, are red in color below. Is it that you are updating your form but they have not updated their form, will son get it not get it all those people who have updated their form and have high PMT score. has gone and they are new people, who will get it or not, then an authentic notification has been issued by the government of Pakistan that all such people who have not updated their form or after updating it will be new. They will get this May installment, after that they will not get it, their money will be stopped and it is necessary for them to update the form. If the money is stopped, then it is very difficult to get your money. You will not be met at the shop, you should go to your nearest shop and take the money from there. To make this system transparent and to end the deduction, centers will be established by the government of Pakistan. It can be done at the district level, it can also be done at the tehsil level, but there are more chances that the centers will be established at the district level and the center used to be a cam earlier, but this time the arrangements of the center will be different, they will also share with you. 

Government Different Program Update 

The center where there will be different government schools or different institutions that are under government custody and the government allows different retailers to take their devices and start operating from there, so this time too. We are telling you about three types of people, you have to listen carefully, whose benefits will start from Friday. The benefits will be started which were regular before and the payment of regular benefits was not made. Last time they did not get money. The previous survey was conducted and the card holders of those people were under verification. The good news is that the payment will be added to their accounts. The link of 8171, which is the portal, has also been updated for a few days. All the money you have will be shown to you on the portal of 8171, while finally the start of the rest of the benefits will be done after May 13 and you will also receive it in full. Before taking the payment, you have to take your original ID card with you and make sure that we have already checked the payment. You are confirmed that our payment has been received and we will not have to return empty handed. 

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