Good news E Rozgar scheme check online 2024/Schedule of charges

E Rozgar scheme check online 2024

To welcome the government of Punjab, the Punjab employment scheme has been estimated at 30 billion rupees. Thousands of people have received loans of more than 10 billion, so as you have seen the Punjab Employment Scene 2024, you have seen that the Punjab Employment Scene 2024 has officially started, all those people Eligible for this are those who want to take loans for new business and to expand their already issued business then they can apply for it. 

Eligibility criteria:

It should be known, then I will also tell you the procedure to apply, so first of all we will see what is their target group, so here we should know this thing first, the subject persons for the grant. Which are the University College Graduates with such A. Jellie business skills who will be eligible.Secondly. Diploma holders or certificate holders from the Technical Locational Training Institute will also be eligible for this. There will be time for this, in addition to micro and other businesses that are efficient and transparent production technologies, any such green environment can celebrate initiatives that can improve environmental efficiency or the environment, they all fall under this category. So if you are fit then you can apply now we will see what is the eligibility criteria for it and who will be eligible for it. 

Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) government:

Your age should be between 20 to 50 years you can be any male-female transgender You can apply if you are a resident of Pakistan and a permanent resident of Punjab or if you have a verified identity card. You are a Pakistani citizen and must have a permanent or temporary address in Punjab. If yes, then the place of business should be in Punjab. The reach of the business is a personal business partnership. Any business that meets other eligibility criteria can go for ECIP by the State Bank of Pakistan. A good report means that if you have taken a loan from a bank before, then you are clear in it, all your types of Time Pay Start Off Macrobar should be with you, when you apply for people, tell them yes my I have a plan and I can use it to start a good business. Someone will come to you.

Terms and conditions:

You can eliminate it by doing the Punjab scale which specifies the Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) government, then these things are within the G requirements, and terms and conditions have also been installed. You will get a loan up to Rs.1 lakh to about one crore based on personal guarantee, after that, you can get a loan of Rs. It means that you mortgage these details and based on this you can take a loan of up to 10 crores from here. Small medium and domestic sectors can also apply. 

Punjab Green Development Program:

How will the production and trade be done under the Punjab Green Development Program? Along with the adoption, the sources of the celebration are presented in the beginning, they will also be an aid for this, and the political rupee is kept at Rs. 2, which will be non-refundable. After two to five years, the grace period has been kept, Math Fatah has been kept for six months, and even during the grace period, you have to pay the interest that you have, as per the policy of the bank and the amount of capital. There will be a mark-up when the loan will be four percent on top of all the support at that time and if you people still take the government from someone, then you will get a loan of five percent of the old loan. The rate is 20 percent, the man has to pay and 80 percent is the government, if you have to pay 1 million rupees, then the government will provide you with 20 thousand.

A discount has been given here for women, transgender and special persons, they will have to pay 10 percent up, then the rest is the procedure of some distributor, it is kept for security purposes, which is already here.

Schedule of charges:

It has been told, that we will talk about their schedule of charges, so what will be the charges in it, you should also know, that there will be an application fee which will be non-refundable, valuation, legal documentation charges, whatever they will be. You will have to pay for it, so let’s talk. If I mortgaged the car, the team would come for the valuation. You will also have to pay for the insurance. If applicable, you will have to pay for it. You will not incur any charges for early repayment if you do not pay within the stipulated time limit, you will have to pay a penalty of Rs.1 per day per thousand rupees as per the instructions. 

Registration process:

You must read because before that you must know what things you must have before starting the final application you must have the required documents ignored if it has full-face pictures. ID card front its back latest educational degrees and if any lakhs matric intermediate whatever you should possess experience certificate if notifiable chamber or trade body license registration august applicable before applying now It is also important to have the National Tax Number if it is mandatory, then you must collect it with yourself and keep it in writing, all the card numbers of the current Pakistan electricity bill, condition number, you must have the current office The entire record number of the electricity bill at the address, if applicable, the number of any vehicle registered in your name, if known, in case of new business, pretext, business income, business expenses, household taxes, and breakers, must be provided. In case of monthly business income, business expenses, household contributions, and other income, real details, any relations, names of two references, mobile number, and ID card number, all these things must be kept by you to start this application. Therefore, you must have a registered mobile number on which Bank PSI can contact you, besides, it will take you 15 minutes to fill this form, which you must take time to see. All the other things here are the format of the description of 20 and The format of the description of the leader of the party, I have changed the format of the letter, so all these formats are also given here, which can be downloaded from here by clicking on it. You can open them and see how you have to fire in the format.

ARM screen via SMS:

For example, we have a format, so you have to download such a format and do whatever you want to do under this format. are like the draft format for the calculation of personal net 12, so you have to fill it here in similar documents. After submission, your application registration number will be highlighted on the ARM screen and you will also receive an SMS. Go to where the preacher will process your application after depositing the process fee of Rs. You can create an account here. You can watch the full video. You can create an account within 40 days. I didn’t tell you because her videos are going to be too long. But this video

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