Good News BISP For Government Employees 2024

Good News BISP For Government Employees

The government employees can also join the Benazir Income Support Program, what is their procedure, how much will be their criteria, and what should be done by women who have no money for their children, will they get their money or not?

Second, women who have not completed their survey yet, will their payment be stopped again, or women who have completed their survey, will they continue to participate in this program or not, will they receive this installment or not? 

 Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP)

The Government of Pakistan has announced a significant enhancement to the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) for government employees in 2024. Under this new initiative, government employees will receive additional financial assistance through the BISP, aimed at further supporting them and their families. This move is anticipated to alleviate financial burdens and enhance the welfare of government employees across the country

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Government Employees join BISP

First of all, let me tell you that the government employee whose income is less than 60,000, the salary is low, so they are unemployed. Now they can join the invisible income support program and they will be directly helped. This is great news for all government employees whose salary is less than 60 thousand and they are in the invisible income support program. I can apply now. Immediately after applying, they will join the program and start receiving the payment they are entitled to. Once there was a type but their payment was stopped due to pension but women with an  can also join this program along with government employees who earn less than 60 thousand. Yes, his wife can also join this program, now he has to go and get a dynamic survey done. Are they included or not and now you know that just as the helpline number has also been given, they have also restored the second call center. You can call them and ask if our ID card will be for this program or not. They will go and tell you whether they have completed the program or not. Well, many women also messaged whether they did the survey again or not?” We will request that June 30 is the last date after which you will be re-surveyed and you will not be included in this program again. 

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Biometric verification 

First, get your biometrics done. After doing biometrics, your identity is checked in your husband’s name. If so, you have to check your ID card on the 8171 portal, you will know about your identity there, and secondly, whenever you check your ID card on the Qatar portal, it will be shown below. Write that your dynamic register has been registered. OK, so this process is mandatory for you to register. If you have not registered, then you will not be able to join this program again. have to make your registration mandatory the last date given is 30 June before that you have to make your registration mandatory ok and after that there are many messages from women saying bro we have done our survey that we need to do this Whether you will get it or not, I also tell them that you will get it as a matter of course, and you will also get the scholarship money of your children who are studying. There is no repetition in this that you have done the survey, only one which is your reason message, you will get it after 30th June, well, till then you are included in this program.

Check money from 8171 portal

You can receive even if the children are lost and now the new women who have joined this program and are being informed on the 8171 portal, should go and collect their money as soon as possible. After receiving the money, their children Get updated with what they know and take their sleeping etc. and update them with the stipend.

And now you can check your amount on the 8171 portal, how much is the amount of your children’s scholarships, how much is your payment, now you will get to see all these things on the 8171 portal. 

Error while checking money on portal

Yes, I can definitely tell you that there is something wrong with the 8171 portal. It is a problem with some cards. Someone’s 14,000 is written there. Check the device. So 22,000 is for some cards, but 90% of it is original, the amount of payment on 8171 is shown on the 8171 portal, it is also shown on the device. It is also necessary to focus on the device, as soon as you search your ID card there, then you must check your payment above that how much you have paid, then you have to ask them for biometrics. After doing our matriculation, you will get the money you have

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