Good News BISP Dynamic Survey Update 2024

Good News BISP Dynamic Survey Update

I am going to share with you some of the latest and most important updates, especially about the Benazir Income Support Program. We will update you about the new episode about the discs as well as about the ATM and also about child welfare. Verification for education has been done and your verification process has been completed, who will issue them or not, also those whose PMT score has increased after doing dynamic surveys. We will also update you about whether we will get this case or not, so let’s move on to the details.

Payment Released Before 20 May 

First of all,it can be said that the Pakistan government has decided to release the new Benazir Income Support Program before May 20. Remember that this time the installment will be released to all women not from HBL Retailer but from Campside. According to the sources, we are updating you that this Barbie case which is worth Rs. 10500 will be released. Likewise, the web portal of 81 will be updated from May 18, where the total of all regular beneficiaries will be displayed. The amount will also be indicated. You can check your payments using the 8171 web portal and count the amount you have and receive it in full. will be released in the 20th quarter of 2018. Women who have received their children’s stipend will not be released this time. It means a dynamic survey has been conducted and their PMG score was more than 32. This test will be released but remember that this will be their last episode. Women whose score is less than 32 and their verification process has been completed are also eligible and their payment list has been released to the concerned bank so that they too can be paid before May 20.

Whose PMT Score More Than 32

First, this case should be released, those who are widows whose PMT score is more than 32, their case will also be released because according to the new policy of the government of Pakistan, the score of widowed women has been increased and the severity of the score 35. Similarly, if the PMT score of widowed women goes above 35, then they can also be NIL. Likewise, the verification process of 14.15 lakh women whose survey has been completed is still ongoing. In progress, they will be added in July and September of the next semester, God willing, and new installments will be released. If that appeal is also rejected and they become disqualified, then they will be re-surveyed in 2026 as the second survey is conducted almost two years after one survey is conducted, all such women have to visit the PISP office again and again. There is no need. Likewise, let’s share with you the update of the ATM regarding PISP payments. Good News BISP Dynamic Survey Update

BISP ATM Update 

This time the ATM has not failed, so visit the ATM in the next episode. There is no need for it. Likewise, keep updating you regarding the new banking system. Hopefully, inshallah, the next installment will be the one after that, until this installment all the new bank accounts will be opened for all the beneficiaries and after that. All the new episodes will be received in your accounts. Similarly, in the next video, we are going to share great news with you, so subscribe to our YouTube channel Skill Meter now. Like the video, if you have any questions, please send them in the comments and take care of yourself. May Allah protect you.

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