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Good News BISP check by SMS

Good News BISP check by SMS

Here are complete guidelines for you to have another code on which you can send your secretary card to find out whether you are going to get sessions or not and which women are going to get paid and a few women are not going to get paid. You can check this by sending a message on your score. Now wait for you. It will end when you send your card number and a reply will come from there. Then what you are waiting for will end. Whether you are going to get money or not, what is happening right now is that many women are waiting, maybe we will get our money some time and some others think that we may not get money. And if it is revealed to us, now this wait of yours is about to end. 

Message your card number:

You can message your card number on many places to find out whether you should wait or not, how you are going to get it or not and this course is for those families who have been cast and have 817 Rs. You will be informed. Okay, now if you are getting this message, then I am going to tell you another one. You have messaged the card number and now you have to find out what your d number is. Checking is going on John, after the completion of last year, you will get money or not, ok, this means you can check now, by the way, if you are waiting, maybe after our life, we will be nailed and We don’t get money and some people think that after four and a half years, what we have should be added soon, and the game that we get money for, now this information of yours is going to end up behind and by sending it up message. You can find out sitting at home. 

Report your Survey:

Now see, I have told you many times that this is a survey in which any family brings their influence, so immediately after the survey, in 15-20 minutes, within an hour, they will be here. The data of what is revealed and their support is fated at the same time and what they have if they’re increased on it, they are vice from the same time and it is above the reporter of 81. It is said that your dynamic salary has been done, you do not have L for the first program and those whose score becomes lower than Bashir, then at the same time, how are they asked to report that your Daman survey has been completed? 

How to send a Message?

After a year you will be called now if their score is below 32 and they have to check Create message now here you see the new message is the one who wrote it If there are, first of all, you have to tell the number so that you have to put what you have, it is ok, which you always have to check. You can write the TL up in small cells and you can write in big spells. There is no problem. After writing, you have to give yourself space. What is to be done is to check both the husband and wife, first seal one of them, then set it and check on both of them that one of them is not a filer from here. 

Then set one, then sand the other one, and see that there is no filer from here. After that put the Upshankti card number like I am putting it there are 13 parts of the card number then put what is complete with 13 don’t put any space etc in the middle don’t put any dash etc just write ATL then give space Then send the message as soon as you send the message, then you can get two types of messages, first you can see this message above which is written name Nori card is pound above, there is nothing above the registration number and ATL is written, that is, if you get this message, then you should understand that you are a non-filer and if your card is under verification, then You will get the money and if you don’t get this message, but you get the below message, see this up message.

 It has happened and ATL status is written as active or inactive, so if you get such a message, then you should understand that you are a filer and you should give up any hope because you Those who are, they will apply this filter that is final and you will not be given money. Ok, so whoever is, check your record. If you are a nine-parlor, then you will get money. If you are a filer. So then you won’t get money. 

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