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BISP 8171 Portal Registration:

The government announced that 500 children’s education scholarships have been transferred to their accounts. The government has launched a new program. The people who have done a dynamic survey during the last six months to three months or less, their money has already gone if you have done the study within the previous year or two years and You are in danger. After conducting your survey, many governments have given you and you still need to get money. 

8171 Portal is Updated:

At that time, the amount of 10500 rupees is started and the process of transferring to your accounts has also started. People will be informed about the errors and also about them through the update, the portal has been updated in 8171, and you will also be informed about it, preparations have been started to bring new programs by the government What is the registration procedure and update, I will inform you about the complete update. The doubt is their dynamic survey or the National Socio-Economic Registry Service of the National Socio-Economic Registry Service whose token prize-ups have been met with from the office before the NSER or head of the house from 2017 to 2024. if you have the manuals, then such persons have been kept under scrutiny, even though they have made their dean, if their status is again under scrutiny, then to whom is it being given the payment?

If people and family have not received the payment yet, there is no need to worry because they may not have received your payment an hour ago and within an hour. Later, you should be deleted because this system is moving phase-wise, let us tell you that in any district in these districts, since the 17th of May, the field has not been issued regularly and the cases are going to be issued in these 18 districts without language. which will bring its regular start today, we have told you that the government has also done the screening for people, so sit at home according to your eligibility.

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Check your eligibility sitting at home:

There are deputy members. The 8171st portal has also been updated so you can check your eligibility sitting at home if you are under verification then your installment has arrived if not then the June installment which is July or September Your money will go if the scope of the survey is the portal, then get your dynamic survey done and with it, the heads of the children, then the education scholarships of your children will be included. Who has a thumb issue 933 are given their district does not match 947 are given to those who are not surveyed and are being checked whose card is blocked Who are the people on whom the government is currently working? The government wants to do something for you, for your children. Rubina Khalid is a new person. For those who are eligible for this program, our effort is to educate their children. 

Scholarship program:

In terms of education, the scholarship program is already ongoing. If you are not ready, make your records OK, make your ID cards, make forms, make people registration centers, if Delta wicket is going to be made, then make them, if they are going to be made, then make them, Birth certificate, all such certificates, get them cleared. So that whenever the program comes and you apply and you get a chance, there is a complication of Rashan program Pakistan, this program is from Punjab. And what is in it CNICs of all Pakistan are getting registered, that’s why he probably said right that your CNIC is getting registered in it for your country’s information. A message will be sent to this number regarding what is being done to you.

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