Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Good News 10500 New Payment Start TomorrowGood News 10500 New Payment Start Tomorrow

Good News 10500 New Payment Start Tomorrow

The new payment of 10500 rupees has already been released, but now a large number of people are receiving it, but some people. There are those who are still showing zero balance on the portal, so there is great news for them and not only those with zero balance are also included but also Rs.5000 and some Rs.10000. The show is going on, one is that the government is starting the other, and the biggest and most important question is whether the money of those with zero balance is going to be stopped or just rumors are circulating about child benefits.

New Payment Dates

When is the new payment going to be received and whether those who have just completed the new survey or those who have passed three months, will such people also be paid. When will the issue of the examinees be resolved? The latest big news of this time is that the new payment of 10500 rupees has been sent by the government, but it is still in the arms. Even now, the payment is getting very slow. The balance holders are very worried and they want to ask about this. Again and again we are receiving continuous messages. Will the ambassador balance holders not get the money? Has the money been stopped and the second stage? Since when is it being started, in the first phase, the people are receiving the money and they are not facing any issue. On the portal of 8171, they are getting Rs 10,500 and Rs 10,500 on the device. They are being shown, but what was the problem of the government with us that the ambassador balance is with us? It has happened and there are people who have also done their survey, some did it three months ago and some have done it now. Or if it has been a month, then they are currently being checked, so let’s tell all such people that June and July are two months in which all the people who are under check have been added to the list of eligible people. Even if your money will go and you will also be able to receive your money if you are eligible your score will be good in which 32 score is kept by the government then you will be in the eligible list. 

How To Transfer Their Money In Bank Account 

After depositing the money will be transferred to your account in the same way let’s tell you about the children’s allowances with the payment, the child’s allowances have not been released yet, we have checked that only 10,500 with the payment. The payment of rupees has been received but the children’s stipends may be a little late, as the installments will be distributed to the public and from here the children’s stipends will be started every month. After taking into account the time period of school attendance, children’s allowances are also sent to your accounts, it may take a month more for the children’s allowances to be added to your account. Now to the most important and big issue. In which the people are getting travel balance show, the list of the districts has been published by the government, whose names we had told you earlier, then they are receiving their payment through Campide and there. Payments are being distributed while those who have zero balance problem is one on the portal and secondly check on the device and the same issue is also there then you have a large number of people worried. A rumor has been sent to them that your money has been blocked, but it is not so. It was actually kept because there is a district attached to each district. 

How To Receive Payment 

They wanted to receive their payment, but they had to return because of the problem because the money did not come to them and they used to go round and round. If it happens, that is why your money has not been blocked by the government, but it is temporarily showing zero balance up. The portal of 8171 has been completely updated for those who have zero balance. If so, the second phase is being started for them, what should they do now that the payment of 10500 rupees will be given in the second phase, the second phase will be started from June 1 and in large numbers some people are Also, Punjab people are getting zero balance, but Sindh people are getting Rs 5,000 and KPK people are getting Rs 10,000. The payment has not gone anywhere, rather it has been stopped. In the second step, the payment will also be shown in your accounts. It will also be shown on the portal of 8171. All the payments will be shown and the portal will be updated one by one. what For those who died first, the update will be done now, for those who died in the second stage, you will get the payment in the second installment. Get ready, you will also get the installment of 10,500 rupees in the last and in any case, the camp side of the second stage candidates has also been prepared by the government.

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