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Free laptop government application form

The Prime Minister Laptop Program 2024, initiated under the leadership of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, aims to bridge the digital divide among students across Pakistan by providing free laptops. This program, now in its third phase, targets students in universities, colleges, and technical institutes, facilitating their access to modern technology for educational advancement.

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Program Overview and Objectives

The Prime Minister Laptop Program 2024 builds upon previous initiatives to equip undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and PhD students with laptops. This initiative not only enhances educational opportunities but also promotes a tech-savvy culture essential for Pakistan’s socio-economic development.

Quick Details Table

Aspect Details
Program Name Prime Minister Laptop Program 2024
Initiated By Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif
Application Period Until March 23, 2024
Official Portal
Eligible Participants Students enrolled in public universities, colleges, and technical institutes
Ineligible Participants Students from private institutions, prior recipients of similar programs, and foreigners
Educational Impact Promotes technological proficiency, supports educational excellence
Registration Process Online registration through the HEC website, no walk-in applications allowed

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Prime Minister Laptop Program 2024, students must be currently enrolled in public educational institutions recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The program excludes students from private institutions and those who have previously received laptops under similar federal or state initiatives. Additionally, foreign students outside Azad and Jammu Kashmir are ineligible for participation.

Application Process and Deadlines

Students interested in benefiting from the program can apply through the official HEC portal, filling out the registration form before the specified deadline. The online application process ensures transparency and accessibility, allowing eligible students to submit their applications conveniently.


The Prime Minister Laptop Program 2024 represents a significant investment in Pakistan’s youth, aiming to foster a generation of digitally literate professionals capable of driving innovation and progress. By providing free laptops to students across public educational institutions, the government not only supports academic pursuits but also empowers students with essential tools for the modern age. This initiative underscores Pakistan’s commitment to enhancing educational opportunities and preparing its youth to compete in a globalized world. As the program continues to evolve, it promises to contribute significantly to the country’s technological advancement and educational excellence.


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