Mon. May 27th, 2024
Dynamic Registry Online SurveyDynamic Registry Online Survey

Dynamic Registry Online Survey

Four good news regarding the Benazir Income Support Program, one is a great news for the women who have not yet received their Benazir Kim Support Program money and the second is for the women who have completed their new survey and Now their error was 938. I have come with a very good news for all these women, what they have to do now, do they have to get the survey done or not? And after that, there were many women who were facing the problem of district change. How will their problem be solved? 

Dynamic Registry online survey 

In a notable development for the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) today, the implementation of a Dynamic Registry online survey in 2024 stands out as a significant step forward. This innovative approach promises to streamline the registration process, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy in identifying eligible beneficiaries. By harnessing technology, the government aims to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of BISP, ultimately empowering more deserving individuals and families with vital financial support.

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Women Who Not Received BISP Money

First let me tell the women who haven’t done their tests yet and the women whose women have received their child payments once. And again, the payment of their children has arrived, when can they go and receive their money, I am telling you in detail. On his 10500 guest not received device, he was getting an error of 938 but he didn’t get the payment as soon as he checked his ID card at 8171 hotel, he got a payment show there but as soon as the device When they used to visit, they used to get an error of 938, so there is good news for all these women. You already know that almost 80% of the women had received their payment and there were some women who The error of 938 was there, so from Monday, God willing, all Iran will be eliminated and all the women who are newly immigrated and have not yet received their children or their money, their codes are 938. Those who are, they will be open, okay, you have to go and receive your payment from the Monday that is your Benazir Income Support Program from whoever is your nearest retailer, okay, except the women who have received their children’s money and the great news for all these women is that their children’s payment has been received again, they can also go and receive their children’s payment from one day, those women especially those who In the previous quarter, some children were paid and some children were not paid. All these women have been paid for the rest of their children.

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District Change Issues

I have told you about 938 and I have also told the women who did not receive their money. Someone was surveyed in Sindh, he was getting money in Sindh but he was living in Punjab, how will he get money now and will he have to do what he has? Is the problem solved, how is your problem? This can be solved. First of all, you have to update your roster. You should go to the office of Benazir Income Support Program and tell them that we want to update our existing roster because we used to live in Karachi. Now we have arrived in Lahore, so update our existing roster. In this update, a form-up will get it. Well, the form-up has to fill it. etc. or whoever is the sarpanch etc. or you who is the chairman of the union council from there too, you should go and get your registration done on the register that you will get from the form-up, and then you have to go away, Benazir. We then went to the offices of the Income Support Program and you got that roster.

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The list will be updated then you will get the payment from the same area where you live now. Earlier it used to be that if there was no match in the district, then there were enough women, they used to go and send their mails, or you know, people who are in WhatsApp groups were also sending mails, so they also went there. I used to get my mail but after one case, the district that you belong to was again thrown in the same area where you were surveyed. It’s okay, now if you update the register, go to the tehsil which is unfortunate. Look at the income support program, then your district will be no change, you will start getting money, so all the women should update their roster before June 30, because after that there will be no survey and you will have the same roster again. If there is an update, all the women who had the problem of district not match should go and get their survey done again as soon as possible. First, get the matriculation from the same district and also update your register so that you get the payment from the same district.  

Women Who Had Not Complete Survey

some women have not yet had our children identified, should we go again and do our biometrics in the reification that is happening or not, or women who have two or Some of the women who have one or three children will have to be updated again and some of the women who are being sent back by the office people should be the first to focus on the women who have not yet had their children. The form has not been made, don’t go again and do your re-verification. It’s fine, if you go for re-verification, they will send you again that your re-verification will not be done. After that, come here for re-verification, if the women who have done their verification and their children have not become unformed, then the last date is 30th June. Make them if married then make their ID cards if they have children below 18 years of age then make their forms and go again to the Benazir Income Support Program office and then make your re-verification mandatory. Well, in this I told you earlier that two or less than two a day or one child, their 90% chance of getting into the program is less for those who have more than three children. Of course, there can be L in this program and they have to do re-verification again, so there are many women who have registered their Dunk register, so now they have to do re-verification or not, re-verification to all these women. You will not have to do it. 

Check Registration On 8171 Portal

First of all, you should check your ID card on 8171 portal, where it is written that you have been registered in the medical register, then this is being written to these women. In red color, visit the nearest office of VIP as soon as possible and take the bay form, take your mobile number, take the electricity bill and go and get your re-verification mandatory, then re-verification is mandatory for these women. It will have to be done, otherwise their payment will be stopped and now I will tell you the last date, how many days they stay after that, what surveys will be done or not and all the women waiting for the utility store. I thought that after Eid, we will get our entry from the counters at the utility store, so there is an important news for them, now all the counters at the utility store have been closed because it is only They installed counters only because of the month of Ramadan, but now those counters have not been set up here, now you will have to go to the offices and get your mail verification done again, and if the income support program is not available. If you want to do a new survey, then you will have to go to their offices and get your account done.

Last Date For Account Survey 

I will also tell you the last date, so apart from that, how long can all the women who want to have a new survey done, also let me tell you that after that there will be no surveys, okay, first of all, June 30. The last rate is after that there will be no surveyors. Before June 30, you have to do re-verification. Even if you want to do a new survey, you can do it. After that, the existing surveys will be closed only. Only those women who are under verification or who are to be updated or who want to get their children ED under the Beyazi Income Support Program will visit the offices. New surveyors will visit the offices. The women who do it will have to know what’s in there because it will be closed. She will remain Niall, so you have to keep this in mind

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