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For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly SessionFor Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session

For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session

For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session But delivering the right of the people to their doorstep is our first responsibility and this is a test case in that our machinery is bureaucracy, they will also have to make a historic and a heroic effort, but they are committed to this. I have been given a guarantee that they will do it day and night for its implementation. God willing, apart from this, we will also set up a cheap Ramadan bazaar. I am starting the meetings of the Price Control Committees for Implementation and Aaj Se Aaj Se I In and Aj Se I In so that whatever is one rupee more than the prescribed number is not charged to the public and Mr. Speaker.Also Read: Benazir Income Support Program Has Started Registration. 


For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session When I started working, I realized that Punjab, rather than the whole of Pakistan, has no reliable data except BISP data, but the data BISP has is all the people who need it. It does not cover and because if you and the person who is living below the poverty line or a little above the poverty line, there are as many people below seven thousand rupees as there are people whose The income is 60-70 thousand rupees and all the people who are below it are the beneficiaries whom we all have a debt to help. 

Chief Secretary

For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session Valid data has to be provided, but I have told the Chief Secretary that within three months, there should be a survey of the entire Punjab and we should have accurate data about who needs what in Punjab. I think it is very important for Punjab to have effective rehabilitative data because all our initiatives will be based on the same thing. By taking improvement, I am looking at this Mr. Speaker and I, Mr. Speaker, have my special interest in this, and I am also looking at it, God willing. Yes, it is ready and it has many types of programs to cater to all types of youth.  Read:How can I check my eligibility for the Ehsaas Program?

For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session

Endowment Fund

For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session It is fulfilled but he does not have resources for higher education for him the Punjab Government will provide resources for him and for this we will not only revise the Punjab Education Endowment Fund which is the fee. We will advance the free rebate scheme in which we will refund the fees to those who have given good, but I want that very bright children, boys and girls, are ours, who have the ability, who have that merit. There are those who have the skills to get admission in IVY League universities and renowned universities in the world, but their resources do not allow it, so we are starting small because resources are limited. Also Read: Ehsaas Amdan Program CNIC Unused Overhaul Check Online Enrollment 25000 OF 2024

Economic Reality

For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session There is also a shortage and the government does not have such an economic reality, everyone knows, so we will decide the merit criteria within which, God willing, we will determine the number of children who are young children based on this merit. This merit will be fulfilled, it will come down to the international rundown universities, whether they are Ivy league universities or other universities, the Punjab government should pay the entire cost. The loan program is the first responsibility that Nawaz Sharif gave me in 2013. 

Many Schemes 

For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session He launched the Sharia Minister’s Youth Program, which had many schemes under which we will revive all the schemes and in this our Interest Free Loans are included. This includes Training Schemes. This includes Small Business Loan Schemes. This includes Youth Laptop Schemes. And what is your requirement, we will provide the resources of the Punjab government for the youth and students, God willing, and apart from that, we have internship programs. Please, the institute is very good.


Was there anything specific about students mentioned in the speech?

It’s likely that education was addressed in the speech given its focus on development. Unfortunately, without knowing the exact date of the speech, it’s difficult to say for sure if there were specific student-related announcements.Read:25000 Start CNIC Ehsas Program 8171 Benazir income support program

How can I find out more about what CM Maryam Nawaz said about students?

For Students |CM Maryam Nawaz Speech |Punjab Assembly Session Here are a few options:

  • Search online news: Look for articles with titles mentioning “CM Maryam Nawaz Speech,” “Punjab Assembly,” “Students,” or “Education.”
  • Watch the speech: Try searching “[CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Speech Punjab Assembly Session]” .The title or description might mention if it addresses students.
  • Look for government websites: The Punjab government website might have a summary of the speech highlighting key points.

What else might be relevant for students in the speech?

Even if there wasn’t a direct mention of students, the speech might have addressed:

  • Education budget: Increased funding for education could benefit students.
  • Infrastructure projects: New schools or improvements to existing ones could be mentioned.
  • Scholarship programs: Announcements of new scholarships or expansions of existing programs might be of interest.

Where can I find the full speech?

  • The Punjab Assembly website might have transcripts of the session. Read:10500 BISP Survey For Men And Female

  • News outlets that covered the speech might have published excerpts or summaries.

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