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FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of PakistanFM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan An important announcement was made in which it was said that we are going to launch an application, an online portal, in which all overseas Pakistanis will be able to direct their problems to the Pakistani government. Finally, this portal has been launched. You are abroad and you have any kind of issue, you have any problem, you want to give any kind of advice to Pakistan, you are not supported by the embassy while you are abroad or you are in Pakistan while you are abroad. If there is any such problem, it is a government level problem, then you can directly send a message to the Government of Pakistan and it will be fully investigated by you and the online record will also be checked by you. May I ask what is the status of your request? All the facilities are available in the citizen portal. A separate portal has been opened for overseas Pakistanis. Go to the mobile screen and give all the information there. Now we have reached the mobile screen and here you have to open the Play Store.  ReadWhat is Maryam Nawaz Kisan Card Scheme?

Foreign Minister Portal

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan After opening the Play Store, you have to write Foreign Minister Portal. If you write, the first application that is shown in front of you, you have to download it, install it and here we can see it, I will also show you its details so that you can see the version It is one and updated on 25 June 2021 so far 10 people have downloaded it so you have to install it here click install button click button we install it application is installed And here we open it directly, after opening it, you will see something like this page front and here you will wait a little bit, or you will touch the screen once, then it will appear in front of you. This page will open, here you have to register first because you will click on you are overseas Pakistani then click on overseas if you are a foreign national we will click on foreign national. There are Pakistani cities, click on Overseas Pakistanis and after that enter your name here. This is how I am entering my name here. After entering the name, you must enter your ID card number here. You have to remember to enter your ID card number here without a dash, after that you will go to the mobile number.  Also read786 web portal 2000 online check

Select Which Country

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan After that, you have to give your email id and remember that the red color star is visible here, it means that whatever section is given to you, you have to fill it. If you want to do it, here we will fill in the mandatory email ID, after giving the email ID, gender is being asked from here, it will select your gender from it. After selecting the mail, you will go to the next option, select your profession. There is a field you have to select, so I am selecting it here, after that it will go to the next one. You are being asked in which country you are living. Here I will select Saudi Arabia, which country are you in? Name your country. You are in the UAE. You are in Kuwait. You are in Oman. Here we will select the Kingdom. You are Saudi Arabia. After that, the next step is asking you which city you are in, are you in Riyadh, are you in Jeddah, are you in Madinah or are you in Madinah? After that, you are being asked for your address, what is your address in Saudi Arabia, so here you will give your short address here, after giving the address, you have to give your date of birth here, click here After selecting date of birth, you have to enter your password here, which you have to remember, later when you open the application, you should remember this password. Here you will give a repeat password and you will remember the password Read:Web portal registration 2024 complete procedure . 

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan

ID Card Number

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan You have to give it in English letters and numbers. After giving the password, we will click on the continue button. If you click, you can see it. You are successfully registered in foreign minister portal thanks. You can login with your ID card number and you can also login with your passport number. We will enter the password here and the important thing here is that you will click on remember here so that you don’t have to give the password again and again. Click here. It is your choice. So every time you will have to give password here I click on sign in then here it said Respected citizen your email is verified please follow email verify step thanks we will click on verify email and that After that we will go and open the email id and in it we will see the code that is displayed it is saying that verification code was successfully registered email please check your email then I will check the email id. Yes, I will have received a code there. I received a code on my email ID. Read:How to apply Kisan card

Displayed Here

I entered it here. Let me explain what you have to do, the way you are looking at the application, here if your old comp is any kind of comp, then here you will be shown the total record. There is an ongoing process, your compliance will be completed and after that, it will be displayed here. If it is pending, it will be displayed here, and in the same way, the total will also be displayed at the end and my suggestion will be displayed here. If it goes, now we will make a complaint here. Here we are starting to send our first complaint, so here the plus sign is visible. If you press the plus sign, you will be asked to make a complaint..Read:Web portal registration 2024 complete procedure  

Verification of Documents 

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan Are there people, do you want to give any advice or do you want to make a complaint, so I go here and click on the complain button, then a new tag will open in front of me, here you can see your complaint. Which type is attestation verification of documents nadra service passport immigration registration service police law enforcement agency service community welfare visa issues and then trade and investment consular experience feedback so here one by one You can open it and see it here. If you have any kind of problem here, you will have to deal with two things. 

Issue Regarding

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan One is community welfare. You can see it here. Do you have any issue regarding the body, similarly, you have prisoners, etc., there is a problem regarding imprisonment, there is a problem regarding the prison, there are deportation issues. They are not losing their lives. Is there any problem like this or other than that. Yes, there is a legal assistant. After that, there is a consular access. You can see the rest of the details here. Payment and fines are there if you pay. It has to be fined if you live in Saudi Arabia or in any country, it has been fined there, it has been fined, it has been fined incorrectly, or it has been fined in such a way that you cannot do it on your own. So you can request from the government here Missing Person Upward If someone of yours has gone missing abroad, then there is emergency medical assistance for him and there are standard citizens, so here one is your job and the other is What are your visa issues? There are many things in visa issues. Tourist visas are a problem. 

Family Visit Visa

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan Tourist visa is in your box. Family visit visa is business visa. For example, here I am talking about family visit visa. All such people can complain who had their family visit visa stamped and the visa expired and then they did not get an extension, just like the people whose visas expired in 2020 neither did they get an extension nor their visas were refunded. There is no solution for the coin or money, the people’s money was drowned. Official visa, whatever is your problem, you will select it here and send it there. Consular experience here. I click feedback here and here my feedback on you visited the embassy and what you want to say about it. Then I select here first you have to select a nearby office then I will select here. Now you can see all the countries here. All the consular offices are there. You can find the whole list here. The world wide show has been done here. Dammam is also here. I am here. Read:How can I check my eligibility for the Ehsaas Program?    


FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan I will select Riyadh as you can see Jeddah if you want to select Jeddah then you have to select Jeddah here I selected Riyadh here After selecting Riyadh it is being asked here INTER SUBJECT Here, you can write in any language, you can write in Urdu, you can write in Roman English, you can write in English, it is your choice. I am writing here in Urdu for your convenience. You can see here I have written that please start e-services and here in the subject you can write up to maximum 50 watts, after that the next page will go down, so you have to write here. You have to describe your problem in 150 words, 150 characters can be written here. I have written a short message here. 

Foreign Minister

FM portal online | Foreign Minister portal | How to contact govt of Pakistan Those who visit the embassy have to wait in lines for hours. Please start an online appointment. Then you have to attach the file here, if you want to send something to the embassy, ​​you can upload it here. If you want to send a document as a proof to the foreign minister, then attach the file. Two files can be attached here, the maximum size of both of them should be two MB. And so I am submitting here. As soon as I clicked on submit, here is the error in front of you. You select another mission. This facility is not available in Saudi Arabia because this application is new. As I showed you in the start only 10 people downloaded it so far it was in eleventh so still This is under process which will be working, then you will be able to send your request here in the same way. This request has been sent because of the online application problem only because the new application has been launched so this problem is going on inshallah very soon everything will be completed. I click on go to dashboard, then you can see here and here I have a pending request.Also read786 web portal 2000 online check

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