Good News EOBI Check karne ka tarika|EOBI-cards fundamental right of every worker

EOBI Check karne ka tarika:

We will talk about what is EOBI card. Do you know that an EOBI card is the basic right of every worker? Yes, you don’t need to go to the EOBI office to get the EOBI card. We will tell you the complete way to get the card. So, friends, in this post we are going to give you complete information about EOBI cards. Many employees or workers are deprived of EOBI cards because they are not registered by this card but they know it after spending 20-25 years of their life. We do not have registration with this and then you lose the right to pension, so you will give complete information to the people so that in the future you will not make this mistake and you will not lose the right to pension.

EOBI-cards fundamental right of every worker:

EOBI cards are a fundamental right of every worker and employee. All organizations are required by the law of Pakistan to register all their workers with an EOBI card This is generated and you are allotted a registration number which is your registration number. As soon as the EOBI card is generated, it is sent within your respective region within one to two weeks to the city where your institution is located, which is the original office of EOBI. But this card of yours is sent in a bulk quantity. After sorting it out, the EOBI officers send the card to the concerned institution of whatever institution the card is in the envelope of that institution.

Registration Process for EOBI Cards:

Then they collect all of them in one place and send them to this organization so that your HR manager or finance manager or whoever is hired by your organization can deliver the card to you. The card gets lost in this entire procedure and cannot be reached. There is a mistake anywhere, but for the worker, we have a solution for this given that he has all the facilities to apply duplicate card new duplicate card and he can register any worker in his organization at any time and get his new card or duplicate card checked.

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If you can’t do this thing, you have another option as soon as you get registered, your registration number is allotted to you against your CNIC number on the EOBI website. Go there, there is a tab, Individual Information, you will go to the type of Individual Information, and you will also see it on the screen after your Insured Person opens on the screen, apply details, Monday to Friday, nine am to seven pm. Now go to this tab, and then next you will have a window in which you will have the option to check your details with your EOBI number. Whatever you have from New NIC or Old NIC, if you have New NIC, enter it here and continue, all your details will be displayed here. The screen will start showing how long you have worked in which organization and how much contribution deduction you have made. All these details are useful for you. If your online details are not available, then you have to check it again.

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