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Eligibility Criteria For Kafalat Programe 2024

 The Unrestricted Cash Exchanges (UCT) program moreover known as “Benazir Kafalat Program ” is the center program of BISP. It was started in 2008. Since initiation, the UCT/ Kafalat activity has developed to the degree that it is presently the biggest single cash exchange program in Pakistan’s history. Brief term objective of the program was to pad against negative impacts of moderate financial development, nourishment emergency and swelling on the destitute, especially ladies, through arrangement of cash help to qualified families. The long term targets of the program was to kill extraordinary and persistent destitution, along with ladies strengthening, as set out in the Economical Improvement Objectives (SDGs). BISP is right now giving cash help to around 9 million families beneath the Benazir Kafaalat program. Beginning from Rs. 3,000/-per recipient per quarter, the show Benazir Kafaalat stipend is Rs. 8,500/- per recipient per quarter.


Beneficiaries of “Benazir Kafalat Program ” are identified/selected through logical mode of Intermediary Implies Test (PMT) through National Socio Financial Registry (NSER) overview. The welfare status of a family is decided on a scale between 0-100 of the PMT. The PMT cut-off score for qualification is chosen by the BISP Board on the premise of accessible monetary space. All families falling inside the affirmed PMT cut-off score are being given cash help beneath Benazir Kafalat Program. The current PMT cut-off score of 32 was endorsed by the BISP Board in its 52nd assembly held on 23rd Walk, 2024. Be that as it may, for families with an unexpectedly abled individual, the PMT cut-off score is set at 37 for eligibility.


BISP’s Board has as of late affirmed Arrangement for consideration of transgenders for cash help beneath Benazir Kafalat Program. Transgenders are required to get CNICs from NADRA clearly stating their sexual orientation as transgender. Overview is required at Benazir Enlistment Centers built up in each BISP Tehsil Office. In any case, PMT cut-off confinements are loose i.e. all transgenders whose study is conducted effectively, are qualified to apply for consideration in the program. After validation/verification of information by NADRA, transgenders are announced as recipients and they can begin getting cash help through BISP accomplice banks.

Benazir Kafaalat cash help is dispensed to the qualified recipients after Biometric Confirmation Framework (BVS) through two accomplice banks to be specific HBL in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan and Bank Alfalah in KP, GB and AJK.


In order to proceed with money related help to the families of expired recipients, BISP has a Following of Family arrangement in place. Beneath this approach, the legitimate beneficiaries from the expired recipient family can end up recipients of the program through a well formulated offer component. In case of passing of a recipient, her family is required to yield fundamental records (CNIC of the perished, CNIC cancellation certificate from NADRA, passing certificate from union chamber and CNIC of family individuals) in the closest BISP Tehsil Office. After handling, the next-of-kin family individuals as characterized beneath BISP arrangements begin accepting payments.


 What is the Benazir Pay Bolster Program (BISP)?

The Benazir Salary Back Program (BISP) is a government activity in Pakistan aimed at giving budgetary help to low-income families throughout the nation. It was propelled in 2008 to lighten destitution and engage powerless portions of society.

Who is qualified to benefit from the Benazir Wage Back Programme?

Eligibility for the BISP is decided based on different criteria counting wage level, family estimate, and socio-economic status. For the most part, families living underneath the destitution line are qualified to get monetary help through the programme.

What kind of back does the Benazir Wage Back Program provide?

The BISP gives cash awards to qualified recipients on a customary premise. These awards are planning to offer assistance families meet their essential needs such as nourishment, healthcare, instruction, and other fundamental expenses.

How does one apply for the Benazir Salary Back Programme?

Individuals who accept they meet the qualification criteria can apply for the BISP through the programme’s official channels. These channels may incorporate online entries, BISP workplaces, or assigned enrollment centers.

Is the Benazir Pay Bolster Program economical in the long term?

The supportability of the BISP is a subject of continuous talk about and discourse. Whereas it has been effective in giving prompt alleviation to millions of families, there are concerns around its long-term effect and monetary practicality. The government proceeds to assess and refine the program to guarantee it remains successful and feasible in the future.

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