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Ehsas Taleemi Wazaif 2024

Ehsas Taleemi Wazaif 2024 :

The educational scholarships of people have increased, which increased by 500 rupees per child is the same, this time the stipends for the children have come with an increased so that they can get the information they need and get rid of their confusion. This month, the money that is in your account was transferred, now which money was this, the number one of the children was those whose installments were delayed, those who did not receive it.

Children Stipends:

They have been included in stipends in the schools attached to the children and in addition to those who are included in the ones whose data is clear before. They were released this month, but there was an update, the BISP program transferred payment to the accounts of the people, so the payments of all the schools up to December have been cleared. Schools that were visited have their payment. Those who have been visited after 20th March, their payment will come later in June, so don’t get confused in this matter. 

The payments of almost all the schools are clear. Those who will come in June because they have started the visit after March 20. Apart from Sindhpur, there are almost all the schools that have been visited and there are some schools in Alipore City that have been visited. For those who did not visit the schools, based on any reason, It will not commission them.

They know why they were not done, so if they visit, then they will be paid. If there are no visits, then they will not come even in June, and the payment will be delayed.

Scholarships for all the Children:

It has been confirmed that the scholarships of all the children who visited the school till December have been completed and the arrangement of the scholarships can be seen in the programs. And the children who used to get 2000 at the primary level, now they will get 2500, similarly at the upper secondary level, look at the elementary and similarly at the upper secondary level, then their five hundred rupees is also increased. 

Additional bonus:

The stipend has increased Apart from this, the good news for you guys is that the girls who have just passed the primary level and are promoted to the sixth class will get an additional bonus of Rs 3000 in their account. The children who have not yet been promoted after then will also get the bonus after the march which they will get with someone else then there is a deduction if any If it is deducted from you, you can check the control room number here.

Here, the numbers of Punjab, Khyber  Paktun Khwa, Sindh Azad Jammu, Kashmir, and  Baltistan are shared with you. 

You can complain, so you guys who haven’t withdrawn the money yet should go and withdraw your money. For example, there is a campsite built in the high school in Alipur, all the retailers are sitting there and bringing your money too. There are not so many customers you guys can receive your payments, so I think this thing must have been cleared for you guys, I don’t have any problem regarding it, I don’t think so, even if something is missed.

Once again, let me tell you that the payment up to December has been cleared for the schools that were visited until March 20, and who were visited after20 March their payments were delayed till June. Also read: 8171 online CNIC Check BISP 2024

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