Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Ehsas Program Phase 2 Payment UpdateEhsas Program Phase 2 Payment Update

Ehsas Program Phase 2 Payment Update

You are requested to try for the principle of your money amount that you visit chemsites after 1st June 2024 dear viewers finally the wait is over a big announcement has been made by the govt. You are going to get a new amount of 10 thousand five rupees. When is the second fee going to start? Besides Capeside or centers, payment will also be received from shopkeepers and child welfare beneficiaries have been checked and the new surveyors who have done the survey will also go to collect their case and will give you complete details.

Important News

The latest important news of that time is this. Finally, all the people who are already getting the payment of 10500 rupees were waiting, so it is not a problem for them. So happy they are receiving their payment but the biggest and most important problem is arising for those people whose payment of Rs. Also showing their balance is zero due to which they are not going to take payment now because the balance is traveling and when they check on 8171 portal it is also zero when on the payment center. If you go, then there is a balance journey there too, when will the payment be issued to all such persons, A to Z details will be given to you while there are many messages being sent regarding children’s allowances, are we getting the payment now? Along with this, the educational scholarships of the children whom we had enrolled and such children who were getting money before, their payment has been raced now, so let us tell you now with a new payment of Rs. 10500. The stipend is not available, while those whose previous stipend was not received, then they are getting it with this case, they can also receive it. Now there are a large number of people who have completed the survey but they Two things are being shown to them, one is the problem of checking the charges, will the payment of the examinees be paid or not, while on the second place, those who have done the new survey have regular benefits, they used to get money before. Will they also get money, then let me tell you clearly and clearly, that is, the regular beneficiaries, who also get money before, is there only one rent or no rent for now, then both of them will be paid. 

Do Survey Again 

They will get the payment, but even if they don’t do it, it may be the last installment for them. Yes, if they do the survey again, then their eligibility will be determined once again, but in our view, If the identity cards have been passed, among them, a large number of women who are eligible have already taken money and have done the survey again, so they have been registered among the eligible. If your score has increased for some reason, then there are a few women who go to the list of ineligibles or some are sent for screening, while those who are screened total 20%. People’s payment has arrived this time, while 80 percent of people’s payment will be released as soon as the month of June begins, some will be received in the month of June, and some will be received in the month of July. First of all, all the women of the first merle of Rs.10500 are taking money, the entry is also theirs, they are not getting payment from the interested people in the cento, this time the payment is not being issued from the shop. This time it is being met from the camp side and centers until the holidays in government schools are over, then this payment will be made from the camp side to the centers, but later the people with shops will also be able to make this payment after the entry. After that, first of all, your ID card is checked. 

How to Payment Balance 

After checking, if your payment has been made, then you are given there, otherwise, you are told that your payment has not been made. If the method increases too much, those who have money are provided from outside the gate, and the rest of the people who have money are sent back, then tokens are also provided to them there. On the list of the second number, they are framed, then he instructs one of his guards that there is such and such a place to sit, the chairs are arranged for you, so you sit there in the waiting room. When it is the turn of the token, you are called, then the payment is given to you in full there. If not, then this is the process that has been kept by the government. Let us tell you in the same way. Only the balance holders have received great news from the government. Now your problems are over. Individuals are going to get their payment up and the second phase is being started by the government. The second fee is being started from June 1 and the payment up will be done after June 1 through the portal of 8171. But the show will also be done and other If you want to take money from Mubara, you will get an installment of 10,500 rupees, so from June 1, you can pay your 10,500 rupees in the districts that have not yet started. People of all districts will be able to withdraw their payment from the camp side and from the center.

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