Ehsas Program New Payment Delay new update 2024

Ehsas Program New Payment Delay new update

Benazir income Support program which is 10500 rupees which was told that it is going to start on May 13th, May 13th has passed 100 at that time May 15th has started now May 15th It has been delayed since May 13. Now on which date is it? Those women who are regular beneficiaries, who take regular monthly doses, they get Rs. 10500 after delaying from May 13. What is the new date? In today’s video, I will tell you guys what is the next date from which you will start watching this episode, but before that, I will also tell you this. It’s been almost 17 days now, there is a gap of 17 days between me and you. What is the matter? God forbid, there may be some kind of situation, so many people have asked me this, so in this video, I am you. I will tell people where I have been for 17 days, how and why the gap between you and me has been, so I will also share with you what the reasons were. Since I couldn’t make a video for you, besides the women who have been tested, they have also made a lot of comments asking whether they will get it in June or May.

May Payment Update 

Let’s first talk about May 13 because it was being said on May 13, I have also seen it on channels that they were saying. On May 13, sir, how will your regular benefits of Rs. 10,500 be released, so please make your preparations, do this, do that, because the date of May 13 has already passed, but it will not be released from May 15 or the installment. Because her name was given to Samai, whose name is June and July, then on which date is June and July going to meet Kissup, but even before that, the news is that it is on May 13, but it is May 15. Your episode is going to be released. Your episode is going to start regularly from Friday. Different channels, different people have different opinions, they are collecting and sharing it with you people. Because you guys should also use your mind a little here, see which planet you have in March, count up ahead in the month of March, where did the month of March go, April and May, now the 15th day of May. After one and a half months, which episode is going to be released because it is said by the Benazir Kafalat program that it is a Samahi installment, Samahi means three months after three months, they have a schedule of three months. After a month, your appointment should be released. Now that I have received news, I have gathered a lot of information from my sources, but there are some reasons. My contact with you has been a little bit disconnected, inshallah, so I had a lot of information. 

Payment Date 

I was not able to share till now, so the current progress information which is the latest update is that if your release was released in May, skip the 13th, skip the 15th, skip the 17th, if in the month of May, if If your cookie is decorated, it will be around between the 25th and 27th, that means go to the last decade in the last week, which is the last week of May. So it will continue according to its schedule, which goes into June, starting in June or mid-June, and all the regular benefits will start, as far as I know. Yes, I am sharing it with you guys, if there is any change, the government has its own will, the government has its own policy, maybe for some reason they release it earlier, but as soon as they announce the final method. If you give us a final schedule, we will share it with you through this channel, Inshallah. Those who collect the data of the schools, they have collected the data from the school, the current news is that all the data from the school is the data of the women who submitted their children’s slips. They have collected and taken it, God willing, there they will submit it to their headquarters, then the scholarship slips of their children will go to the headquarters and they will also start receiving their children’s scholarships. There are those who submitted their children’s daughters recently,There are old regular beneficiaries who are taking their children’s allowance, this is not a thing for them because they are already taking it. That we will be qualified in the examination, yes, we will receive the eligibility message, so I always tell about this that the date of June 30 has been given by the sponsorship program, because at this time there are a lot of women, there are millions of women. 

Whose Verification Done 

There are those whose verification has been completed and all they have to do is issue the eligibility message. to enter and all the beneficiaries will get their eligibility message. It is not happening to them too, very soon they will be shown the status of their port on 81, after that they will talk. Yes, there were some technical issues on my channel, that’s why I had some problem with Gmail. I had a little problem, so after doing etc., I recovered them from him and after that, I am talking to you, my channel has been opened, so that was the reason. There has been a problem with the creation. There has been a little distance between you and me.

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