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Ehsas program 8500

Ehsas program 8500

The semi-annual installment of October-December has been started for women receiving money from the Benazir Income Support Program to receive money regularly. But before you go to get money, you have to listen to this most important information and you have to follow it, then you will get money, otherwise you may keep going round and round and you will have to do this. 

Upcoming installments:

They will not be able to get money, they will also talk about this information and tell you that the government is doing this, what is your name, you will be eligible for the support program and the rest will be expelled from this program. They will not get the upcoming installments. By the way, all the people who have the records are being informed by the government., so that different programs will be available in the future. Keep getting important and fresh information promptly. Let us tell you that the government is doing this so that all such people who are living in poverty, only those people will stay in this program

Registration program:

All the people who had registered in this program by giving their wrong information or were in the government about three to four years ago and their financial conditions have been fixed, then these people will be removed from this program and 8171 new ones will be sent for this. An update to the survey has also been released and all those who have been re-surveyed in the country for three years will be surveyed to determine if they are now eligible for the program.

It will be given from this program, similarly, after the update of the survey, a new PMT score will be given to all the people and no importance will be given and all those who are eligible should know their own before the upcoming case. About this status, you will be able to check from the hotel between 81, however, until then, all the beneficiaries who are part of this program. which is 50 hundred rupees and now all the beneficiaries are starting to get it from the nearest market.

Money installments:

The system is not fully working yet, after listening to the missed update, this is a request to you that if you can get your installment as soon as possible, it is up to you, if not, then you can wait a little longer because on Monday. It will go to the world and all the agents will be able to give it to you. By the way, installments have started to be received from many areas, so I want to ask you to check the payment in the machines. They had their day and with the sponsorship program, people’s case was stopped for 9 thousand rupees. 

Visit the nearest BISP office:

All these people are requested to either keep their original card with them or make it mandatory first so that the registration of their marriage can also be entered into the database of NADRA. You should take out a SIM of another network except for Telenor because the messages from 8171 on Telenor numbers will not be known to you, apart from all the networks there are also messages from their SIM. At the same time, the network connection is done. 

You have a SIM card and you have money. You have the identity cards of both your spouses. You should also have their bay form and those who have a gas facility or electricity facility should also have a Heli bill, then take these documents and go to your nearest BISP office. And within about six months of doing your political survey from there, you will also get this message from Qatar against the sponsorship program. 

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