Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Ehsas Program 8171 New Payment BeginEhsas Program 8171 New Payment Begin

Ehsas Program 8171 New Payment Begin

The program of 42 thousand rupees has been deposited in your account by the government. Also, there are two other things that people who have not received the money till now, it has been deposited in their account. We are going to tell you the full update through the chat. Weaver is a completely new program, so we have to share the update in front of you. Through one program, a free bike from the government is another scheme. So this scheme is for free motorcycles and on the other hand it is also for cows and buffaloes. 

Verification Process Update 

Earlier I also did not believe these things, now I have done the verification, but it has been found in a village of mine, I have seen it myself taking it, I will tell you the full update of it, along with this, from the government. The type of families to conduct the survey has also arrived and you will be informed with a complete update. You have to apply for 12 thousand rupees from the government and you have to take installments of 12 thousand rupees three times in a year. The procedure is being changed and will be informed with full update. You belong to those who have completed the survey and you have been nailed on the Gasi Katar portal by Govt and your score is out of 32. Has it gone up at once, it goes up to 50 40 60 70, so if you want to lower your PMT score and join the government program, then I will keep you up to date with updates on that before you know it. That our video is uploaded on this channel in the morning and in the form of the new latest information of the day that happens on the previous day, which Mujahid Hussain has delivered on the training of the channel so far. Hope you like this news and information. Many viewers are telling us that your news is good and there are some who say that it is not good. Let us tell you the big and good news that Rubina Ghalib who is appointed as the chair person of Benazir Income Support Program, Amjad Saqib has been discharged, his resignation has been accepted, no doubt Amjad Saqib is that person. who suggested programs like the Benazir Income Support Program in 2001 and 2002

BISP Program Update 

After which these governments followed through and the program was operationalized in 2007 and 2002.This program started with a monthly imprisonment of 1000 pice but at that time after Nishtar the first Marvi Memon as far as I have knowledge is followed by your second wife Nishta. Rubina Khalid is good for all people, good for poor people, for women, many women work and much work has been done to the credit of Bana Khalid. Moving on to the viewers first talk about the 12 thousand rupees program which is being launched by the government which application procedure and link is not yet updated as soon as it is updated. You will be informed directly and transparently through trading. In the beginning, I may not have told you. I have the identification number and the payment is Rs. 10500. If you check on the 8171 way portal, then you You can see on the screen, if you check this card, it is being told that it is being checked, but on the other hand, 10.500 rupees have been shown on the HBL connect device in the account, so you have done the survey in the same way. done and your score is less than 32 or if it is 32 then you are eligible for this program 10500 rupees and despite the verification the money has been deposited in your account and you can take whatever money you have. 

New Payment Start Update 

This is the case of Rs 10500. Appro is going to start officially from Monday through campset and there will be four to five machines sitting there who will be paying you directly. Arrangements have been made and are being made because the government has set up one or two rounds above the main gate so that only those women who have paid and have installments in their account should besent forward .Those who do not have them should be sent back through main jo hai gate to control the rush. Any court other than Akasi Qatar related to the program,Can get your PMP checked on Zero 8822670826470 Social Protection Helpline 12 21 Better service Effective guidance for married couples aged 18 to 29 years to start their own business Business sentiments up to Rs.150,000 Being delivered.

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