Good news Ehsas program 12000 online check 2024/Complete guideline

Ehsas program 12000 

With full details I will explain how you can check your existing 12 thousand rupees and those who have already received can also check their 12 thousand rupees again for full details Then it is on top of the website so as soon as you people means ineligible persons or under examination they can check their 12 thousand rupees so this slip has been received by many people as soon as they have registered. It means that they have received the slip. If someone has lost this slip or it is not there, then they can also check their 12 thousand rupees.

Check your money in two ways:

 You can check your money in two ways. It is very easy. And the whole method is first of all,


  • You have to write the form number that is written above, this is the form number that is written above, friends, this is the form number that is written above the bar code, this is the correct form number. This is what is written four triple k and triple zero triple is correct is the form number is correct then you have to write this form number which you have received the receipt here.
  • You have to write the form number on these ID cards and form numbers.
  • You have to write only one thing or you will write the form number here. If you do not write the form number, then you will write the ID card number here. If you write the ID card number, then you should not write the form number here.
  • The number is ok, you have to write one of the two, after that you have to write the phone number here, whichever mobile number you wrote at the time of registration means the same number you have to write after that. 
  • This is the code in the picture. This is 63 96. You have to fill it in this space. You have to write this code in the blank spaceIf you don’t get this code, please refresh your browser once. will do or reopen this website then this code will be gone sometimes this code does not show here so that’s why I am telling you ok write the code here and after that, you Click here to find out.


 If you click here, if you have received Rs. 12,000, they will tell you to go to your nearest branch and collect your Rs. 12,000. If you haven’t done it, it’s ok, or if it tells you that you’re not registered, if you’re not registered, you’ll get a new registration. If it tells you to go to the bank, then you’ll go to the bank. You can take the money from the bank or you can go to the place where they have their centers, then this money has been used many times. and after that, you can also withdraw money from the ATM if you have money in your name then you can withdraw from the ATM otherwise you will not be able to withdraw the money from the ATM.

 File your complaint:

if you have not received the money before and you are entitled, then you can file your complaint here. You will tell the type of complaint here if your thumbprints are not showing, then you will tell here But the first means that you will select the option if someone takes money, then the second option if your account is blocked, then the third option, and after that, see here 16 times biometric if you have done it and you failed, then click here If your family has not been surveyed then you will click here or if there is any other problem then you will select the last option. 

Here you will select your thumb, after that you have to write your full name here, ok where you will write your full name, then you will write your ID number, and you will write the same mobile number that you After that, what is the description of your complaint, what is your problem, you will write it here, write it in Urdu, there is no problem here.

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