Ehsas kafalat program registration center |Stipend of 2000 rupees

Ehsas kafalat program registration center:

Here are all about how disabled people can get a stipend under the Ehsaas program. If you are poor yourself and there is a laborer in your house or you want to help them in your neighborhood, then you have to do justice to them, you have to explain to them how you have to process it and you have to do the Ehsaas program. If you will become eligible then we will explain the whole process.

Stipend of 2000 rupees:

You have to stay connected till the end If you know about the program here, we will click here and open it in a new video. You will be able to know the method in this video, so first of all, I will explain that this program is being given to 7 million families from Pakistan. The male will be selected. God, if there were more than one person in your family who is suffering from disability, then only one course will be selected among them. If only one of them, these friends gave you a monthly stipend of 2000 rupees. 

How have the eligibility criteria been checked?

It will be known that this program has been started since 2020 but still, many people have not been included so I will explain to you how you have to register yourself here which is your right. It happens that if you get this money, friends, this is almost all the information about it that you can see on the screen. How have the eligibility criteria been checked? Friends, the survey was conducted here by the Ehsaas NSER Service, I have also made a video about it, so there are members of each family in it. The way ID card number was done, they know from your ID card number that the employee is eligible in this program and if they are successful in it, then their registration has been done there. Read: Ehsaas Kafal Program Benazir Income Support Program 100% of their money News Update 2024

Now some employees have Pass ID cards that are either not available talking about approved persons, if the ID card is not available or the ID card is made in such a way that the signature of the disabled person is not present in it, i.e. There is a disability that has not been nominated, so you did What to do is to see your Shahid card, if it does not have the signature of a disabled person, then first you have to go to Nadra to register yourself as disabled. So friends, what happens when you register yourself as disabled in Nadra? You are automatically registered in this program, which means that you are included in this program, which is a survey of different people. 

Ehsaas Center established in each district:

Still, you are not included in the Ehsaas Kafalat program, so what should you do, friends, what have you done here, if you are eligible for this program and you are not going to get money here yet? What is to be done is the Ehsaas Registration Disk, which is an Ehsaas Center established in each district near you. You have to go there. Go to his throw-up there and re-register yourself there, check yourself, the representative of Ehsaas will be his son, he will help you and whatever problem you have, he will make it easy for you and give you a The receipt will be given, you have to keep and keep this receipt and you have to check with the representative of Ehsaas ka Palat program who is sitting in the center that you have registered your registration. 

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