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Ehsas Kafalat Program Payment scheduleEhsas Kafalat Program Payment schedule

Ehsas Kafalat Program Payment schedule

The Ehsaas Kafalat Benazir Income Support Program, in which I will tell you important things. Regarding the new story regarding the Nazir Income Support Program, there is an important thing that Upkup knows, that all the devices that are in 109 have been put in the case, which started on May 13. When will it start now and which women will get money this time and which women will not get money. The women who have been released from this program and which women will get what they have and who will not get it will also be discussed in detail with Aajup, inshallah, and the other women who have 8171 total. The screening is going on and it brings great news to all the women who have had their survey done yesterday and I bring great news to them too, whether it’s been two days or three days. The survey has been done, bringing great news for them and I will also tell you where the first payment will start and where the payment will not start yet. It will be discussed in detail and with this I will tell you when the last date is. Can you do a survey? Is it mandatory to do a survey and after that you will get money or not?

How To Check Payment 

All the Beneficials have checked, you must have known that all the regular Beneficials were taking money, they must have known that the devices have been inserted in 109, the devices have been switched off, they have been stopped for now. have been taken because the new Trump is about to start and the money in women’s accounts will start from tomorrow, Inshallah, you can also take out your own interface. Yes, that is also what is today will be updated. Also, you have paid what you paid. Inshallah, this time the complete show is being done. Now the new chairperson is Arupina Shaheed. Her name is I think. They are saying that let’s go to Gasi Qatar Bottle, we will also update the total payment of all the women, even if their children are also paid, and their own payment, whose payment is the drachma payment. Yes, they will also have to show it on the 8171 portal, Inshallah, as soon as it is updated, I will make a video and upload it. Now, which women will get the next episode, which women will be included in this program, are the women who have re-verified themselves included in this program or not, I will tell you first. 

Women Who Are re verified 

How will all the women who have re-verified and re-registered in the dynamic survey, will they get the payment now or not? First of all, let me tell you that the women who used to take money earlier checked their ID card and below it is written that your Dynamic Register has been registered. Whether you are eligible for the program or not is fine, it only says that you have been registered in the dynamic register. Now how can you check your eligibility and your ID card? How and where to check so that they know if they are in the program or not.I have already told you that you should not check your ID card, now if you take money, you should check your child’s baby number on 8171 or your husband’s ID card. You have to check at 8171 bottles if you are being checked there then you will get the next installment mandatory after which you will be included in this program for two years if your ID is there.

Who Getting New Id Card

 If your husband is getting a new ID card or your child’s unformed number is getting a new one, then you will not get the next installments. but you will not get them and you will not be registered for two years and all the women who are registering new and those who are new immediately will not be registered for two years. Maybe yes, she has the right to appeal, she can get her role updated, if someone updates her list, then she can join this program, otherwise she will not be surveyed for two years. They will wait until two years, and in 2026, they will be able to go and do the survey again, which is fine. Besides, there is great news for all the women who have been examined. In June and July, they will start receiving payments from the government, so this is what the helpline numbers are saying. I have qualified but I am telling you that within a month, any women who just took the survey yesterday or the day after yesterday have become part of the program. If they are in the know then it is ok. So she should check her husband’s ID card, whether he is Nil or eligible, it does not create any problem, as many new women joined this program, yes, the old beneficiaries who take money have registered themselves in the dynamic survey. once done, they have to check their husband’s ID card or their children’s number, which will give them the satisfaction that they are eligible for this program or not. As I have told you, you can also check the status of your Jo Hai card by calling the helpline number of their representatives who have set up a call center. A simple method by which you can get your status checked and also let me tell you that along with the payment of children as I told you that 10 202200 will be your installment of B and water four.

Whose Payment Not Paid

The children of the women whose payment was not paid will also be able to go and receive the payment. It was said that the camp side has been abolished now. Well, the chair personnel who were at the camp side earlier said that we will go to the current side, but as soon as the chair personnel changed, they said that we will go to the camp side. They will not go the same way as they used to get money from the shops earlier. God willing, the money will be received in the same way and after the budget, the installment will be increased, but this installment will not be increased. 10,500 will be received by K.K. Sadiq as before and there is no increase in the payment of children. I have been admitted to this program after registration. They will also get this last guest. If it starts in May, then it will be mandatory. If it starts after June 30, then they will not get this. Those women who have received Dynamic Neil, if they want to update their husband, they should go to the nearest office of Benazir Income Support Program and from there they will be able to update their role and join this program. Yes, if this update happens to you now, even if you have failed, then you will not be registered again for two years, you will have to go and wait, after that, you will be registered again after two years.

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