Good News Ehsas 25000|Payment of the People Started in June

Ehsas 25000:

The exact date of May has been announced. The campsite environment is also being prepared to run the May case. Let us tell you how many officials have been assigned to a center this time. People who have not registered their equipment yet. If they have fallen, an important alert has been issued for them and the greatest good news has also come for those people who have completed the survey or those whose score has increased by more than 32, than such women. I can also tell you about those women who are eligible and who have done their new verification, whether the new installment is available for them or not. 

Children’s allowances:

Children’s allowances are also updated on the same date. The latest news of this time is that the new installment of 10500 rupees is going to start, the right of which has also been announced. Payments are being made this time, you are going to meet on campus, will the retailers not be able to process the payments? Are still not able to complete their new registrations, whether they have an issue in going to the office or any other problem due to which they are not completing their registrations, then let them know if you have not completed your new registrations or your new survey.

If you can, the government of Pakistan has issued an alert for you so that you don’t regret it later, so get your registration done because the government announces The date given is June 30. The last date has been set. If you also want to receive the money of Rs. 10500 and don’t want to miss out on taking the case, then you should register yourself so that you too can be included in the list of invalids. Don’t be put and register your survey in the second place.

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The Registration of the Survey:

This alert has been issued not only for women who take money but also for women who do not get money. 14 to 15 lakh women have completed the survey. The process of their verification has been done and the process of their verification is still going on. For the next six months, there is 30 percent of people who have been registered for the survey and they have also been informed about the importance of the dynamic survey. It will be Rs 10,500 so the payment to most women will be made from June to July When The environment is being created by the Government of Pakistan to run the installment of 10500 from the camp side, in which the duties of various officials have also been installed, in which each camp side has an assistant sub-inspector and five soldiers on their duty. will be carried out while the charged persons have also completed the registration of the survey. 

Payment of the People Started in June:

It is hoped that the payment of the people will be started in June, but some people were being checked for the last three months, so these people are eligible for this new type. If they have gone, those people will also be able to take their payment this time, but before that, they must check their money on the portal of 81 71, while women whose will was more than 32 had increased to 35 though she was disqualified earlier now she is eligible she is timeless women as per new policy by govt scoring 35 for timeless women now she Those who want to be eligible and they will also get this amount of 10500 rupees. The new second case will be available from May 17, which you can get from Campside or different centers in your city.

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