Good News EHSAAS sasta petrol

EHSAAS Sasta petrol

We are going to inform you about the great news regarding line registration currently many people are facing major issues while receiving free atta and free ration gift hampers. They are related to ID cards because many people have old ID cards which means simple ID cards and some people have got their new ID cards which means smart cards. While taking a gift of free flour and free ration on the main one may face various problems if you have not yet received a gift hamper of free and free ration due to similar problems and you want to receive it. 

Relief Programs:

You will also be told in full detail, you will be told the status of your problem, just read this information carefully and completely, along with some questions, and a lot of details regarding the episodes of the program. will be shared with you at this time, under the Ramadan Relief Program, before this Eid al-Fitr, all the deserving people have been given free food and free ration due to the number of ID cards from 2005 thousand and 10 thousand to 2 thousand. Various problems may be faced while taking a gift on important if due to similar problems you have not yet received the gift hamper of free and free ration and you want to get it also gives full details about it. We will tell you the situation of your problem. Just listen to these posts carefully and fully.

 At this time, under the Ramadan Relief Program, it has been announced to give an amount ranging from 2005 thousand and 10 thousand to 2 thousand rupees to all the deserving people after this Eid-ul-Fitr. We are going to tell you everything. The hampers are being sent to them, they registered by sending their identity card to Rm 786. After that, when the free application was given, the online application of 80 70 was started. Suri sent their ID card to 80 70, and their data also reached the government after that, the people who sent their ID cards to 81 23 pros for registration of the Ehsaas Rashan Reet program through 81 23 also got this. 

petrol-diesel subsidy program:

Being included in the program means their data was also available to the government. The thing to understand is that when the petrol-diesel subsidy program was run through 786, then all the people had their identity cards 786 percent, then This is a direct gift from Ramadan Sahib to all of you, but why are you not getting Naat money, in which a toast is also hidden, they also tell you, and the rest of you must be thinking that it is on 80 70 786 or 81 30.

All the people have sent their identity cards all over Pakistan, so why are all the Pakistanis not getting these dust hampers and this cash, so the toast is that all those people who have sent their identity cards at these various short courts. Among them, all such people have been included in this program i.e. Ramadan Ali Program 2024, whose PMT support has been less than 26, so now I hope you understand all people well. If you have considered it, now you will have confirmed that.

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