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Ehsaas. punjab | Punjab Ehsaas Programme Act 2024

Ehsaas. punjab

The Punjab Ehsaas Programme Act 2024 establishes a comprehensive social protection and poverty alleviation initiative in Punjab, Pakistan. This Act aims to create a structured approach to support the poor and vulnerable segments of society through various welfare programs. Below is a summary optimized for Google Discover, highlighting key sections with detailed explanations.

Short Title, Extent, and Commencement

The Punjab Ehsaas Programme Act 2022, effective immediately, applies across Punjab. It aims to streamline and enhance existing poverty alleviation and social protection efforts within the province.


Key terms include:

  • Chairperson: Leader of the Ehsaas Council.
  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer of the Programme.
  • Ehsaas Council: Governing body of the Programme.
  • Government: Refers to the Government of Punjab.
  • Implementing Agencies: Entities responsible for executing the Programme, including public sector bodies and NGOs.

Establishment and Objectives

Establishment of Programme

The Punjab Ehsaas Programme, established under Section 3, functions as a corporate body with perpetual succession, capable of holding property and legal proceedings. The principal office is in Lahore, with potential for additional offices.

Objectives and Purposes

The Programme aims to:

  • Develop new and consolidate existing poverty alleviation initiatives.
  • Provide integrated policies for efficient resource utilization.
  • Facilitate coordination among agencies and reduce inequalities.
  • Utilize modern technology for data management and governance.

Governance and Administration


The Planning and Development Board supports the Programme’s secretariat functions.

Governance and Administration

The CEO, appointed by the Government, oversees daily operations, budget preparation, and policy implementation. The CEO can designate implementing agencies for specific schemes under the Programme.

Powers and Functions of the CEO

The CEO prepares the Programme’s budget, aligns operations with Council-approved policies, and executes Council decisions. Additionally, the CEO can enter into agreements with international bodies and assist in fundraising.

Establishment of Ehsaas Council

The Ehsaas Council, led by the Chief Minister of Punjab, includes various government officials and civil society representatives. The Council provides strategic guidance, approves budgets, and monitors the Programme’s implementation.

Financial Assistance and Fund Management

Eligible Persons or Families

Individuals or families below the poverty line, as defined by the Government, qualify for financial assistance.

Disbursement Procedure

Financial aid is provided in cash or kind, and disbursed through proper banking channels to eligible recipients’ accounts.


The Punjab Ehsaas Programme Fund comprises government budget allocations, grants, donations, and aid. This Fund is managed according to prescribed regulations and is tax-exempt.


The CEO prepares the annual budget, subject to Ehsaas Council approval, and manages expenditures and fund re-appropriations.

Employees and Legal Provisions


The CEO can hire necessary staff, with terms and conditions governed by applicable regulations.

Public Servants

Programme employees are considered public servants under the Pakistan Penal Code.


Council members, the CEO, and employees are protected from legal action for acts done in good faith under the Act.

Accountability and Reporting

Maintenance of Accounts and Internal Control

The Programme must maintain accurate financial records, audited by the Auditor General of Pakistan. An independent internal auditor reports directly to the Ehsaas Council.

Annual Report

The Ehsaas Council approves the annual report, which is presented to the Punjab Provincial Assembly.

Redressal of Grievance

Aggrieved individuals or families can appeal decisions within 30 days to the relevant authority as prescribed by the rules.

Additional Provisions

Act not to Prejudice Other Laws

The Act supplements existing laws without derogating from them.

Power to Make Rules and Frame Regulations

The Government and Ehsaas Council can create rules and regulations to implement the Act effectively.

Removal of Difficulties

Provisions are in place to address any difficulties arising in the implementation of the Act.

The Punjab Ehsaas Programme Act 2024 represents a significant effort to systematize and enhance social protection and poverty alleviation efforts in Punjab, ensuring a comprehensive, coordinated approach to support the province’s most vulnerable populations.


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