Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Ehsaas Program 2024:

Here is complete information about the survey and the place to take money. Update of two programs from the government. They will also share it with you and you can adjust to the program in this way Regarding the money that is going to be regular people due to poverty, on which date is the government going to release their money? They get money, but now they have zero balance and still don’t have money. They have money or they are taking money from other people.

New updates about the survey:

You will have to explain about it first. It can’t be done, very poor families are included in the Benazir income support program. To join this program, be in the Program of Ancestors or BISP, you have to go to the Tehsil office and get the survey done. In the survey, you will be asked to answer questions. 

On the basis, that your account is generated. The latter are re-committed and must not be included in the program for households above the rest of the support, such members three have to re-survey after two years and the poverty relief. What kind of special person who is eligible are given to the main families of the program whose things have not been surveyed so far, survey up to a 30 PMT score level those who do not do the survey will be stopped and the amount will be stopped. Once the survey is completed, then there will be an opportunity after two years.

New projects in all divisions:

The rest of the substance of the meeting will be a part of running from 2024 onwards. are receiving their organizations, so PISP’s bedside teams have let all PISPs meet coldly that Daily Bureau is if no one has a big lire, enter 477 then you are the chairman of evidence frock. While visiting the rescue camp size.

It may be that the same survey has been done on him, but until you have a family registration certificate, we will do it with our mother, Jawda Manga. Five people have decided to make 30 billion rupees, which has arrived from Punjabi through IM and the number of people is being increased in prayer and there is no hope that anyone will be taken above the rest. Most of them will join the Ration program, you must get a dynamic survey.

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