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Ehsaas Program 2024 Breaking NewsEhsaas Program 2024 Breaking News

Ehsaas Program 2024 Breaking News

Ehsaas Program 2024 Breaking News I will keep giving you new information every day so that you start your caution right now and the women who are in the palace at that time will be able to take the poor as they are and those who are eligible to take money should also continue to take money and not you. When should you be killed, because it is a chanti program, in the retrenchment program, if they see a little doubt from somewhere, then they have to throw you away, I am telling you later as much as you want. Keep appealing as much as you want, you will not be re-eligible. The new survey is being conducted. They can get the money right away. I will tell you what you have to do. Read:10500 BISP Survey For Men And Female

ID card

I will start by doing a mandatory check of the woman who is married and her husband’s ID card. But the man who is male has his card drawn first and until that card becomes his again or becomes a spy, then he does not draw it at that time, he keeps his status as single. If the identity card of the wife is changed after the silver, then the status of the man must also be changed, so it costs 100 rupees. Take the original and its copy and go to the office, submit the copy there, show the original and they will take 100 rupees from you and within 24 hours your status will be changed and you will have an ID card. Ehsaas Program 2024 Breaking News Read:How can I check my eligibility for the Ehsaas Program?

Registered our name 

It will remain, now I am coming to the next side towards women, now women also get divorced and some become widows. Now the divorced women and the widows are the work of the government to keep them in the praetorium. Gives more to them and their PMs are always lower and their chances of being eligible are higher but They are thinking that we have registered our name in the Union Council, so our status has changed. It is not the case that the name will be registered in the Union Council but not in NADRA.Read:Web portal registration 2024 complete procedure 

Ehsaas Program 2023 Breaking News
Ehsaas Program 2024 Breaking News


Ehsaas Program 2024 Breaking News Status up in NADRA. First of all, it is a very good thing to do, and that is to get the death certificate of your husband from the Union Council. If you go to Nadra, your identity card will remain the same for you. The web certificate will be computerized and will be obtained from the Union Council. One person should get a copy of it. You have to change the status of your card, you have to change your status, ok, then you will need the original and one copy of the discret. It will cost 100 rupees.  Read:How to apply Kisan card 

Union Council

You will also have the same status for 100 rupees in 24 hours, your status will change from widow to married, then to widow, then whenever you do the survey, you will get more benefit, you will get double benefit. It gives too much property to women, now what these divorcees are talking about, any woman who gets divorced and gets a divorce decree from the Union Council, she becomes what she should do with her. Sam has to do this too. He has to take the original divorce certificate. In Nadera, the only difference is that her ID card is in her husband’s name first, then she will be in her father’s name. For that too, you have to take the original which is his divorce certificate and you have to take a copy of it and take it to Nadira. Your identity card will be renewed again. The things I have done are very important that you don’t know about, and you are twenty things bigger than the things that kill you, because the more families you have, the bigger the family, the more you will benefit, and one more thing. 

children is not created

That if your mother-in-law and father-in-law live in your house, this mother-in-law lives alone and she also has a problem. And all the people who are present in the house, who are married, such as a clean woman, a mother-in-law, or someone with a disability, or someone like that, then you have to register them with you, it will benefit you more. Now I will tell you which women the government does not give money to. They are married, the woman is left alone or they are husband and wife. It is correct. In addition, the woman has children. The woman gets divorced and dies and there are no children. She is a single woman. Therefore, whatever your status is in NADRA, it should be updated. If you have children and the birth status of children is not created, then you understand that you are alone. Whatever data is taken by the government. Ehsaas Program 2024 Breaking News: Read:25000 Start CNIC Ehsas Program 8171 Benazir income support program

will not have a record 

Nadra takes from Nadra what will be born in Nadra, it will be your show, there will be a real jet, there will be one child, there are two, there are three, there are four, there are five. If you don’t do it now in Naga, you will say that in the Union Council, we have written the names, there are five, two are three, whatever children there are, your children will not be counted because NADRA will not have a record of them when the Govt. If you send the data up to Nadira, then Nadira will say that it is only me and my wife. If there are children, even if they are correct, if they are not registered in Nadira, then they will not be your children’s account, so everything must be updated in Nadra. Read:How do we apply Bike  Punjab Government


 What is this card? 

I have seen many widows these poor people know. No, she does not change her status. 

What should you do to make your status as a widow? 

First of all, it is a very good thing to do, and that is to get the death certificate of your husband from the Union Council. 

 What does she do? 

They are thinking that we have registered our name in the Union Council, so our status has changed. Read:Maryam Nawaz Muft Solar Scheme Online Apply

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