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Ehsaas Labour ProgramEhsaas Labour Program

Ehsaas Labour Program

Ehsaas Labour Program NADRA Gov PkWelcome to our blog post about the Ehsaas Labour Program Registration in 2024! In this guide, we will explain the entire registration process, who can apply, and who cannot. We’ve simplified the information, so it’s easy to understand. Let’s begin! The Ehsaas Labour Program is a government project in Pakistan. It helps laborers and their families by giving them financial support and other benefits to improve their lives. Now, let’s learn how to register for this program. Today, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Ehsaas Labour Program to help unemployed laborers. Those who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic will receive Rs. 12,000 in financial assistance.


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This program is a great initiative by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. If you’ve been impacted by the pandemic, you can register for the Ehsaas Labour Program online. You can find the complete guidelines for Ehsaas Labour registration on the NADRA government website. It explains how to download the registration form and apply for the program step by step. The online registration form is available on the official Ehsaas Labour Program website. After a required check by the National Administration and Database Registration Authority (NADRA), you will be enrolled and receive 12,000 rupees.


What is Ehsaas Labour Program?

The Ehsaas Labour Program is an important effort by the Government of Pakistan. It’s designed to help jobless workers who have faced difficulties, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this program, qualified individuals get financial aid, with a special focus on those who earn daily wages and are going through tough financial times. This assistance is aimed at making their lives better, giving them access to necessary resources, and improving their financial security. The Ehsaas Labour Program is a vital step in addressing the economic struggles of laborers, ultimately leading to their well-being and prosperity.

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How to Register for the Ehsaas Labour Program Portal Online

Registering for the Ehsaas Labour Program online is a simple process. Follow these steps to begin:

  • Visit the Official Website: Go to the official Ehsaas Labour Program website. You can find it by searching “Ehsaas Labour Program Pakistan” on your preferred search engine.
  • Create an Account: Look for the “Create Account” or “Register” option on the website. Click it to start the registration process.
  • Provide Your Information: Enter your personal details, including your name, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, address, and contact information. Ensure that the information is accurate.
  • Upload Required Documents: You may be required to upload specific documents to confirm your eligibility for the program. These typically include your CNIC, proof of income, and other identification papers. Follow the website’s guidance for document submission.
  • Complete the Registration Form: Fill in the Ehsaas Labour Program registration form with the necessary information. The form might have slight variations, so follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Submit Your Application: After completing the form and attaching the necessary documents, review everything for accuracy. Then, click the “Submit” or “Register” button to send your application.
  • Confirmation: Following submission, you should receive a confirmation message or email confirming the successful registration.
  • Wait for Approval: Your application will undergo a review, and if you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be approved for the Ehsaas Labour Program.
  • Receive Benefits: Once approved, you will begin receiving the financial assistance provided by the program.

Eligibility Criteria of Ehsaas Labour Program

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  • The applicant must be a Pakistani citizen.
  • The applicant must be a daily wage laborer or an individual associated with informal work sectors.
  • The applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 65.
  • The applicant’s monthly income should be less than the defined threshold.
  • The applicant should not be a beneficiary of any other social protection program.

Ineligibility Criteria of Ehsaas Labour Program

  • Government employees or their dependents are not eligible for this program.
  • Individuals who own more than one property or have a utility bill exceeding a specified limit are not eligible.
  • Individuals who have received assistance from other social welfare programs are not eligible.

Ehsaas Labour Program SMS Service Code


As of now, there isn’t an SMS code for Ehsaas Labour Program Registration. However, there will be one introduced soon. But don’t worry, you can currently register for the Ehsaas Labour Scheme online. The Prime Minister Covid-19 Relief Fund has been set up, with contributions from both Pakistanis in the country and those living overseas. The funds from the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 relief fund will be given to the laborers in Pakistan. This Corona Relief Fund amount will be provided to unemployed laborers after they register online on the Ehsaas Labour portal.

Registration Process of Ehsaas Labour Program in 2024


  • Visit the official Ehsaas Labour Program website ( using a web browser.
  • Look for the “Registration” or “Apply Now” button on the homepage and click on it.
  • Fill out the registration form with accurate personal information, including your name, CNIC number, address, contact details, occupation, and income details.
  • Double-check all the provided information for accuracy and completeness.
  • Submit the registration form.

After successful submission, you will receive a confirmation message or email with a unique registration number. Keep this number safe for future reference.


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