Breaking news:Ehsaas Dynamic Survey 2024 | 3 Types OF Women Payment Stop 

Ehsaas Dynamic Survey

The money of three types of women has been stopped. The assistance given by the Benazir Income Support Program has been stopped even though these women have been receiving money for many years before this. If so, from now on, they will stop receiving any of the Incident Less Support Program. Going forward, they will also tell you which three types of women are those whose money has been stopped and after the money is stopped again. How can they be issued and how can they be reached from disqualification because this time in the month of June a large number of people will be disqualified immediately and they will not get the Benazir Income Support Program assistance. will be closed, then whether it is the aid of the Kafal program or the aid of the educational scholarship program, there is a situation to avoid all these problems, that will also be shared with you and those who have a new identity card. There is a smart ID card which has a SIM symbol on it so there is a big update for all those people who are going to share with you.

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3 Types of Women Payment Stop

Keep getting the most important and latest information on time. Good peoples,let’s first share with an important update that there are three types of women whose money has been stopped from Benazir Income Support Program. 

  1. At the first place are those women who received the message to re-survey and panamic survey from 81 71 and if they did not do their dynamic survey by the appointed date, then they will not get their next installment and this Even after this, all the assistance received from this program will be stopped, which means that they will not get any money from the Benazir Income Support Program after this. 
  2. For correctness and update, there were messages from 8171 that you should update the forms of your children before such and such date, otherwise the amount of assistance received for the educational scholarships of your children will be stopped, so the money of such women’s children will be stopped. Yes, they will continue to receive their sponsorship program installments, but their children’s payments have been completely stopped until they update and resubmit their child’s Bay Forms. 
  3. In the third place there are women who were told that you have entered some wrong information in the survey that you have done in your information. Register the correct information, i.e. update the roster, then the alarm bell has sounded for those people too that their money has been stopped, so these are women of different religions whose money has been stopped, of course. It has become a big problem for them but there is also an easy solution for those who have received the survey message again and have not completed the survey yet, they have one last and golden chance to do so before 30th June 2024. 

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Dynamic Survey Before 30 June 

Get your dynamic survey done by approaching the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office and then hopefully within the next two to three months you will be sent an eligibility message and you will be re-introduced. If the payments of the program start getting, similarly, those whose children’s B-forms had a problem, they will update their children’s B-forms as soon as possible, then their children’s money will be restored, and thirdly, women whose information If there is any mistake somewhere, then they should correct their mistake, that too from the office, so after correcting this mistake, after the roster update, inshallah, their money will also be released. Funds will be completely stopped. In any case, they will not be included in this program again. They are women who will be ineligible for this program after bank survey this time and because their PMT score is above 32 then such women will be completely disqualified from this program. 

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Important update 

Here is an important update to share with you. If they want to do the survey then they should get their new ID card because many women’s ID cards get expired due to which they face a lot of problems during such registration so I would suggest you that you First, get your new ID card and try to get a smart card that has a SIM chip on it, because it is made under an advanced technology, it also provides you with a lot of facilities in different places when you If you do your registration, you don’t have to go through a long process, the QR code of your ID card is scanned very easily and without any hassle, your data becomes valid for this registration. After that, you have to register yourself. Inshallah, you will definitely get aid under the aid programs, provided that if you are eligible, the rest of the above.You can also receive installments of 10,500 and Kafalat program from your nearest centers, so the method of checking payment has already been told that you can also check your eligibility and your payments on the 8171 web portal.

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