Ehsaas BISP Survey Registration 2024

Ehsaas BISP Survey Registration

Ehsaas Kafalat Program, Benazir income Support Program, in which I am going to give you three big pieces of good news, one is for women. Again, the money they have is gone, their government is in the hands of what is this money and to which women will I share it. Apart from this, regarding the Nigehbaan card program, I will let you know, inshallah, how you have to be eligible for it. Do the women who have completed the survey of the invisible income support program will have to undergo the survey in the Nigehbaan card program?

Good news Ehsaas kafalat Program 

Ehsaas Kafalat program, Benazir Income Support Program and all the poor friend programs from the government,I have come with great news. Now the check-up of many women has been completed and their payment is also being shown on the device. It seems that you are being checked, but what is on the device is what your payment has started to be. You can get the status checked. If you can’t call the helpline number, go to your nearest dealer and check your ID card. The ID card has started showing on the other device. All those women who have been under investigation for a long time and have registered themselves in the dynamic registry, then the payment of these women has been started and their payment has to be shown on the device. In time, you can get your payment from your nearest retailer. Also, let me tell you that there are some women who have not received their payment in the verification process for a long time. Enrolled in the dynamic register and it took two to three months for them to be screened, they were screened or even longer, all these women were paid, you did it, you called the helpline first. If you don’t want to call the helpline number, then you can go to any retailer near you and get your ID card checked. Inshallah, your payment will be shown on the device. OK, 

New Payment Start 

Let me tell you that a new payment has been started and all the women who take money from the Benazir Income Support Program and their children who are going to schools have been enrolled in education scholarships. So the payment of all these women which is quarter 4 has started in Konto, now from 5th you will start getting this payment as many women who take money from Benazir Income Support Program and these children are going to schools and they have already received the payment of their children, so there is a great news for all these women, they have started transferring the payment to your accounts. I have started depositing and all the women living in their previous quarters who have not taken the payment for their children will be collected if you have received the previous payment for the children and you. The new app that is starting quarter number four will be started in May. They take their money and get their children’s money, sorry All the women’s accounts have their payment already started, you can go to any nearby retailer and get your payment. If we take money from the Benazir Income Support Program in the card program, do we have to re-enroll in this program for registration, or through this registration, we can apply for this program for all these women.

Nigehbaan Program Update 

All those people I told you before, either those men or those women who were included in the Nigehbaan Ramadan program, those who got the ration bag, then they were al-ready in this program. It has been done. Well, now there were some beneficiaries who had received rations, etc., and they have already joined this program. In addition, for them or for all these people, I told you earlier, one is the male. Gentlemen or those women who were included in the Nigehbaan Ramadan program, the ration bag they received, are already in this program. Those who were included in the program who had received rations etc. have also already joined this program. In addition, all these women take the money from the income support program without seeing it. Which will be added to the starting amount of 12 thousand rupees. Well if you have not joined this program yet and your PMT support is more than 26-27 then you are not in this program. Yes, but if you receive money from Baitul-Mal or through social welfare from any program, as you know, if you receive money from Behmat Senior Program, then you will still be included in Nigheban Card Program. If you take money from the Mazdoor Card, then you are still included in the Nigheban Card program. If the payment is received, still you have joined the 12,000 Nigehbaan card program. Well, they told me I told you before. If they are LC in this program then they will add their data special quota which is after that and people who take money from BaitulMal will also be added to the Nigehbaan card program.

Eligibility Criteria 

There are about 100,000 families in Punjab, and this too, let me tell you that this is the only program for Punjab, it is neither Sindh nor Frontier Province nor Balochistan. All the people who live in Punjab will be included in the Nihban card program in this program. Apart from that, no one belonging to any other province can join this program. They have to include the family in this program and I will also tell you the installments, how much you have to get and how much and how many times in a year you will get it. will get an installment of 12,000 after that, after three months, they will get an installment of 12,000 and then they will get an installment of 12,000 for the year as long as the Anwaz government remains. If there is a new government, they have to do everything themselves. If there is a Nawaz government, then you will continue to receive the amount of 12 thousand rupees. It is to be issued, as earlier you were given the cards of Benazir Income Support Program, the cards of the Kafalat Program were given, the cards of the Ehsaas Program were given, the service cards were given, in the same way they have given this Ramadan Suri Nigehbaan Card Program. They have to issue cards in the name of women and men who are eligible in this program. They will receive a message and they will be able to get this money from any ATM and they will be able to get it from those who have devices in their area. Comment below, inshallah for all your comments

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