E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course Update 2024

E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course

OInline Earning tells us Reel tells us any method of online earning so I answer them that there is skill money in online earning. Learn this thing it is not like you refer someone Add a member or make your investment somewhere and that app is a flat form. You don’t have the problem of online earning. You should have a screen. You should earn money from online earning. You will have to go to the institute, there are many such questions,. You do not need to go to any institute, nor do you have to pay thousands of rupees and millions of rupees. There is a need to give. You will ask this at home for free. You will be given this course by the government. At the same time, you will complete this course and you will also be given an internship where you will be trained by professional people.

Completely Professional

E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course Internships should be done in the right way, after that you will be completely professional, you are ready for this job, you have become an expert in one thing, you can also get a scholarship abroad. There is also that program in it and you can start your own work in earning means in six months or nine months after Gul Milla you will be fully prepared. I will do it. You are ready for six months. In that, you have done a course of six months, two or three months, and you will be in Multan and it is from the government, brother, the fee is only 2000 rupees for the entire course. Not every month, get 2 thousand rupees for the whole course, post anyone you want, there are many courses in it, mobile f development, web of development, totter ebb development, as well as hacking, decile hacking. 

Important Thing 

E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course There is a course and there is a force for iOS development. There are many courses and I will show you them. You can do any course you want. so there are many Sources for you. The most important thing is that you are sitting at home, it will be four times, going up, not taking your own time separately. If you sit at home, we will click after that because after giving the test you will be given a certificate which will be an authentic certificate from the government and then after that you will get an internship and Joe Ebron scholarship etc. 

Compensation Package

E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course virtuality of a career. Everyone will get a thousand rupees, there is no money, but the internet compensation package that we provide for the month is 2 rupees. There are also such courses that I have seen, which cost millions of rupees, 50,000, 60,000, 25,000, and even large armies are available in it, so now let me show you my mobile screen. Brother, which is the website, which is the platform, how do you apply for the course, which one, how will your test be, and then I will show you to the people, there is nothing to do. After making it, I will tell you how to do this car, so let’s go, let’s go to our mobile screen in Sikh. 

Further work 

E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course All the further work is done on the screen. You have to go to Google and search eOwner Up. Their website will be at the top in front of e-hunar.org. Let’s see the things, we will go to the menu, we will click on the three dots, here the forces are given, there are also three-month courses, there are also six-month courses, you can go and see which ones are floaters. Many courses are given. Well, it is from Adobe. Brother, they are also teaching motion graphics and animation here. They are giving luck. Well, there are big forces. They are giving search engine optimization. These are the people.  Read:How can I check my eligibility for the Ehsaas Program?

E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course
E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course

Three-Month Courses

All the three-month courses, ethical hacking, etc. have also been included in it, and along with this, there are also six-month forces. Here you are on the menu. will click on courses and this is six month certificate forces ok certification forces here you guys can see bro will teach machine learning up in six months and also android apps development which is in high demand And the most difficult course is being conducted within it, and many courses are being conducted within six months, drop shipping, etc. It means that the trending courses are being conducted here, now what you have to do here is to click on the three dots, here you will also get to see the programs of scholarships in which you can get internships. You will also get scholarships abroad etc. It is ok for foreign countries, as soon as you click on the internship, it is mandatory to apply for the internship here. 


E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course You will learn, OK, these things are done, first you have to do the course, then you have to apply for the internship, and then you need scholarship for study abroad, then you guys can apply there, now you guys can apply for any course. For example, if you want to apply for any course, then what you simply have to do is to go to the courses. Those of us who have six months to go to the forces. For example, I want to apply for machine learning. Here I will click on U detail and after clicking on bio detail all these details will be displayed in front of me, all the things that are to be taught in it will be displayed here, I will enroll here. I will click on Enroll Now as soon as I click on it, so now I have to fill some forms.  Read:Web portal registration 2024 complete procedure

Sign Up

First of all I have to sign up, this can be done by clicking on Direct Apply Now and on Enroll Now You can do it by going inside a course. Here I have to enter my first name, last name, CNIC number, mobile number and how to enter the mobile number. NIP is also without a dash. Do not put a dash inside it. Enter your e-mail address. Create your password here. You should also click on I’M NOT A ROBOT and sign up. Your account will be created and you will be given a code on your email. Just enter the simple code here. You have to paste and your account will be successfully active with it then as soon as you apply for the course further you will get options in which you have to enter your details, select the city and that All you have to do is select your location etc. You have to fill this form and as soon as you fill the form then after 24 hours your test will be ready in front of you. 

Pay a Thousand Rupees

E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar Course There will be a test of 30 questions and a 30-minute test. You have to fill the MCQ from Fitaft. They will continue to search the question from inside you and they will be inserted in front of you and here you people can be chatted and there can be five in this way. After that, you will get the option of payment here, then you have to pay a thousand rupees, they can do it in easy money, jeez cash and bank account, and after that the procedure will be told to you, the video is regular up. will be shown how you have to do the transaction and how to provide the proof and as soon as you put your screenshot here you will be given the link to the course which will be a portal. It will be open for you and you can easily do your daily work from there, so it is very easy, brother, it is not such a long and wide task. Sit at home, learn this skill and start earning online.Also read: 786 web portal 2000 online check


What is the Ehunar Program?

E hunar Program |Ehunar Program Real or Fake e hunar CourseThe Ehunar Program, also known as the Hunarmand Kamyab Jawan Program, is an initiative in Pakistan that aims to equip citizens with the skills they need to succeed in the technology sector. It focuses on developing digital skills and knowledge of emerging technologies to bridge the gap between current workforce capabilities and the demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Is the Ehunar Program real?

Yes, the Ehunar Program is a legitimate program run by the Government of Pakistan https://ehunar.org/. Their website https://ehunar.org/ outlines their mission and goals. You can also find information about the program on YouTube.Read:How to apply Kisan card

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