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E-Bike Scheme Calls Update

Assalam-o-Alaikum, I am your host, Mr. Informative. As you have seen from the thumbnail of my Artical, today we are going to discuss a crucial topic. Calls have started coming in, and I will discuss what will happen next. When will the appointment be? I’ve received a call from the bank representative stating they will visit my home. Is this true or not? I’ll share the updates I received from the Bank of Punjab regarding this. Additionally, we’ll discuss when the bike will be delivered, when the appointments are scheduled, and the important remarks from the High Court. This is good news for everyone, as I’ll explain when the bikes will be delivered and provide updates for those selected but haven’t received calls yet. Please watch the entire video to avoid missing any crucial steps, which could lead to confusion and questions later.

Detailed Information on Bank Verification Calls

Calls have started from the Bank of Punjab, asking for your ID card details, guarantors, and their ID card numbers, as well as your date of birth. They mentioned forwarding your case, and soon, their representative will contact you. Some people have been informed that a representative will visit their home for verification. It’s essential to note that the representative will not take any documents from you. You must submit your documents directly at the bank. Be cautious of potential fake calls asking for your information. Verify the identity of the representative by checking their ID card from the Bank of Punjab. Remember, the verification process includes ensuring you have no outstanding loans or defaults with the State Bank of Pakistan.

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Updates on Selection and Approval Processes

For those who have received calls, the next phase is verification by the Bank of Punjab, ensuring no loans or defaults. Some in the waiting list have also started receiving calls due to others declining the offer or being unreachable. Furthermore, it is being heard that all female applicants for the e-bike scheme will receive their bikes, even those on the waiting list. If you haven’t received a call yet, don’t worry. Calls are being made to 45-50% of the selected individuals as per the latest decision by the Lahore High Court. The court has instructed the Environmental Department to provide an NOC to proceed with the bike distribution scheme. The government of Punjab has submitted the required NOC, and soon, official orders will be issued to continue the process. If you missed multiple calls, you can contact the Bank of Punjab’s head office or visit the nearest branch for further assistance.

E-Bike Scheme Calls Update

There seems to be some confusion about the status of the E-Bike scheme in Punjab, Pakistan. While headlines claim approval or updates, a closer look reveals conditions. The Lahore High Court has not given a blanket approval, but rather made the scheme contingent on getting an environmental No Objection Certificate (NOC). This means the project can’t proceed until it meets environmental regulations.

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Appointment and Payment Procedures

When your appointment is scheduled, you will provide the necessary payment. Once your bike issue is resolved, you’ll need to submit the first installment here. The option for submitting a challan (fee) will be available. The process is ongoing on the challan. When I called the Bank of Punjab, my brother informed me that the option for our challan has been processed. I mentioned that I will receive the bike shortly. They stated that they are currently working on it. You also need to enter a captcha code for such updates.

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Verification and Subsidy Information

The status of Bank of Punjab’s verification will be available soon. Once verified, the Bank of Punjab status will be confirmed, and remarks will be provided. The Bank of Punjab’s “Ready to Issue” status can clear the gate easily. Once the government provides remarks, and the high court clears it, the process will be completed in approximately four to five days. Clearance will be received, and delivery will commence within 15 to 16 days, starting from 22. This news is excellent for all of you. Many are asking about the subsidy. How much subsidy will be given? The government will provide a subsidy or not? The price is set at 20. You can avail a subsidy of 5 lakhs. This temporary installment plan will amount to 30,000 to 35,000 after the subsidy. The government is providing subsidies, but if you apply for a bike, the subsidy of 30,000 to 35,000 is off. Consider this in your decision-making.

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Communication and Waiting Process

For those waiting, information will be provided. All students will receive bikes under Punjab’s venture. This was proposed in yesterday’s meeting, and all students will receive bikes. Don’t worry about Phase Two; Phase Two A’s account has been set up. All students will receive bikes under this scheme, but there is compensation on it. There is a government meeting, and CM Punjab will be aware of the scene on the day of Peer. However, it was suggested that electric bikes should be given to female students. CM Punjab received the proposal and discussed it with Musabbar. Clearance has been received from the High Court, and NOC Government has been submitted. This concludes my video. For waiting students, wait for the subsidy at 20. If you’re comfortable, sit back and take the bike. We’ll meet again in the next video. Goodbye.

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