Double installment of April Waseela E Taleem released News Update 2024

Double installment of April Waseela E Taleem released

will tell you about the scholarships for children that have been received, double scholarships for children have also been received and how you can check the scholarships for children sitting at home, what is the nature of them and which woman has received the scholarship. Has he already received the installment of

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 Rs 100500, will he get this installment again or not?

 This is the whole video for him, watch till the end and there will be some questions from some people, I will put them in front of you and you will see, listen and I will thank some people. I thank everyone who comments to me because I created a new method. At the end of the video, I thank everyone who comments and I hope you will stay with me till the end, this video will be very good for you and will remain useful

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Because the children’s scholarship

 has also been doubled, then they told me that brother, I had received Rs. 6000 earlier in March, but again I got a message of Rs. 10500, so let me tell them that you had received a message of Rs. 6000 earlier and you had received the same. They had collected money for the education of children. They have started getting messages of Rs. 10500. It is okay. Your question has been cleared. Now let me move ahead that children’s stipends have also been doubled. Women have received messages that they have collected stipends within March. Those who had collected their stipends on 5th January have also received messages. Today women have received messages regarding their stipends

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 Now how can you check your stipends sitting at home

 You can check your stipends sitting at your home. What is the method for that? This is so that you do not have to go anywhere, it is a simple method, There is a program, this is the information about it, sir, Princess Pari, this is the message that our message of Rs 5000 has arrived, this is the one I am talking about, now when we went to take it, we encountered the code of 938, which is the code of 38. Yours will be opened tomorrow. Hopefully, you will start getting it from tomorrow. The government has opened the error of 938. It is almost fine, you will get it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If you don’t get it today or the agents don’t give it, then after Eid.

 Will you be able to trust me?

 It’s okay. Just message me, brother, my PMT score has increased so what should I do now. This is a very important question for those who want to do it. Yes, the means are the means, the means are the means, let me tell them. Once your survey is done, your PMT is generated and only by updating the roster, your PMT can go down and then you can become L. Apart from this, there is no other way to do this if you are recovering the previous installment. And you have to conduct a new survey in the future and you are understanding that our PMT score is less than that in the previous survey, so let me tell you that if your new survey is not based on the previous survey, a new survey and a new PMT will be formed

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 I don’t know what a user is, sir, this installment

It is yours and it is less than 32 and then you will be made L. If there is a laborer in your house, then five PMT scores are given to you separately. That makes your level till 37. A normal woman’s level is up to 32. Apart from this, there is no other way to do this. Yes, yes, yes, this is a user, I don’t know what a user is, sir, this installment is going on since March and will the money received from 3rd April be different or will the money received from

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19th April the same as the one from?

 The installment was different. The installment of April is different. This new installment has come for children’s education. It has come for those women who had not collected the money earlier, their balance was shown on the device as zero, 900. Now I am telling those who have two ways for children’s education so that you don’t even have to go anywhere. Let me tell you about one of the two. So, you should have the number of the nearest 

Waseela E Taleem Benazir’s office

 which is in your tehsil or your district, sorry, in the same tehsil. There is a big office inside the office, so you call their number there and after calling the number, tell them that this is the issue with me, I do not have a solution, so please tell me what is the reason for the education of my children. Or if my installment has already arrived then kindly check and tell me then he will check and tell you and if your stipend has arrived then you will know that this installment has arrived then you can go to the nearest office or go to the nearest retailer shop and get your The second method of recovery is the helpline number. You can call 0826 477 while sitting at home. The call can be long. The woman is saying this, brother, the computer keeps on talking. If no one answers then the computer is there. After speaking, you call the representative. When the representative speaks, he will salute you, ask you your name, tell you his name and then ask you about the issue.

 Then PMT score or the education of your children, why are you not coming?

 As for why the installment is not coming, why has it not come, you can discuss all these things, so this was the method which you can do this work sitting at home, now I will tell you one more thing that came to me that brother, I am Mukhtar of Kafa myself. You cannot join the program. See, it is absolutely possible. If you belong to Khushb Mia Wali Bakhar Laiya Lodhra Muzaffar Apna Dera Ghazi Khan Rajan Apu Rahim Khan Bahawalpur Bahawal Nagar Lodhra, then you can definitely join this program. Your age is more than You should be more than 34 years and you should be a regular beneficiary of Benazir Inc. Support Program. There is another message. Yes, Faryal Afridi has great importance, it is very important. I want you to listen to it

 Sir, if the applicant is a woman, can his children get the scholarship?

 If you can, then it is a very good question, I will answer it in detail. If you are under investigation and have recovered one installment, then you can definitely join this program, the only condition is that you have recovered one installment. Yes, if you have paid one installment then you can also join the Shama program and you can also join the programs under which children are given training under Wasila Talim, so apart from this there is another message but What I would like to say is that I thank everyone because you guys come over my body and I have one more message, listen, it is very important that Preeti Dolay is from Sargodha, okay one.

 Brother, is Benazir’s survey of utility stores conducted there or not?

Yes, a survey is being conducted on utility stores within Lahore. Apart from this, this survey facility is not available in any other city. Now I am leaving. I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who watched me and commented on me, and whoever else’s name is there, if any name is missed, it will come in the next video, but I will thank everyone. Yes, Numan

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