Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
CNIC Holder Get New 25000 Payment CNIC Holder Get New 25000 Payment

CNIC Holder Get New 25000 Payment

Do you have your own ID card and you want to get a government grant of up to 25 thousand rupees using your ID card? 10500 rupees assistance has not been received yet, do you also want to get a free solar system from the government, then this  is going to be very important for you because there are many women who are women. Benazir has received Rs 10,500 assistance from the government by applying for the income support program, but she was denied solar system and other programs by the government for the Eid program for all the poor women. 

New Payment Start 

The aid of 25 thousand rupees has not been received yet. Aaj is going to be very important for you, so you should not cut this  of Aaj at all because you would not need to watch any more. There is also a new program in which you can apply only through your national identity card number, so first of all know how to apply through your identity card number, let me tell you first. Let’s say that the Benazir Income Support Program which has been started by the government, there are many women who have been oiled and nailed by this program. Gentlemen are in phase month, phase one and phase two are the first to know about hota gas. When aid was distributed earlier by the government, what used to happen was that all the districts that were together would get it. Payments were to be distributed by the government at the same time in all the districts. The families will be put in Phase Ban and Phase Two means first payment will be given by Phase Ward and second payment will be given to people from Phase Two and people will be given assistance from Phase Two. It has been distributed in this way so that you don’t face any kind of difficulties, you can easily collect your Dadu by car, this is a great step taken by the government. The government is doing something, but what are many people doing?

What are their mistakes? 

They are watching their videos but not following them. This is my suggestion to you, if you have been nailed by Benazir or you have been nailed by other programs, then I think it is better to go to any center than to watch someone’s video. Go there and get updates from them, get details, if you have been nailed, then what is your problem, find out the solution to this problem from there and go and do the same. The aid that you will get in the month of 2018 or later will start receiving it, God willing, your problem will be solved. We were promised that solar will be provided. Solar has not been received yet, but now finally, the government has started the solar program. It has been started which has two numbers of solar and one battery along with some other things which will be given to you by the government but what is the procedure to apply from the government on their official website. This is the announcement, now you can apply through this website and get help through it. I hope that will be of great benefit from the noise of Aaj.

latest Update

This is the update so far. As soon as there is confirmatiom.According to social sources, Bank Al Laha and Jeez Cash have signed an agreement with BISP Benazir Income Support.Along with the program, the beneficiaries of Ehsaas Kafalt program emergency catch and beauty of sub-cities such as Nishonma and Aghosh program will be delivered and all those people whose status at the moment please visit their nearest registration center for registration. Take it or go to Benazir registration counter at the special utility store, then these are the people whose survey is mandatory.

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