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CNIC 8171 Ehsaas programCNIC 8171 Ehsaas program

CNIC 8171 Ehsaas program

I am going to tell you the update of this program. If you want to join this program, what are the details and what will be the registration procedure? Through this program, the government is going to give you 36 thousand rupees annually. I have informed you before but through the lists of this program, your eligibility will be known. How are the lists made and how and when will you get them? It will come to a shop near you and how will you know if you are eligible or not or someone will send a letter from the factory or you will get a message from 8171 or 8123, 8070 or 5566 because.

Government Start Ration Program 

You will remember that the government also wants to start a ration program, about which I am going to inform you about it. No message has come from the side yet, and there are LBs, all of them can survive by taking money. Remember that I am telling you first, then don’t say that no one had told us. I am seeing that 80 About percent of women who are eligible are becoming ineligible and also I see that those who are under scrutiny are in the Nile and are blocked due to which they have not received the money for whatever reason. Yes, they are getting eligible, they are also being declared eligible for the 12 thousand program, they have also received a message from 8171 and they are also in the ration program, which is also telling the portal for the talent program. I am not sharing the update from my side. 

Other Program Update 

Let us also tell the you that the government has given four installments of 10,500 rupees in a year and 17,000 to the children’s educational scholarships and 17,000 to the national program and 23,000 to make you smile. What is the procedure of how to get it?  On the other hand, I will also tell you who will get the next dose, when and from where it will be received. Which side is the bank account side? There are news from the government we have or are going to start some such programs in the next few days we are not. What happens inside us is what happens in our mind, what happens in our mouth, what happens in our thumbnails and videos.  You will also inform you about the big news that the government has started the restoration of 8171 service through which it is available to all women. And gentlemen whose families are eligible, they are also getting messages from the government to join the vice program. 

Big news About Ration Program 

Regarding the start, one of our sources has given news which is social media. I will confirm this news in the upcoming videos and confirm when you will get this case but where will you get it in the bank account. It will be found that the work is going on on the thumb system which is being completed. This is a big news. Do you want the thumb system to be right or  that you Has the retailer ever taken money for taking money through your thumb, the point-of-sale agent has never had a ration program, honor ration program or the guardian ration program. The government is thinking that a ration program should also be started for the poor people because the current inflation and economic conditions are not good. They are also deserving. Let me tell you that the April to June case is going on. The news has come in the month of Mike, but I take the news in another way. this is the episode which is It will start from the last week and the first week of July. The health card facility is available on the national identity card of the head of the family, through which all the rest of the family are afrabihel according to the National Records.

Solar Scheme Update 

 A program has been started which is called One KV Dollar System and its effectiveness has also been evaluated and it has been discussed in principle to give one KV solar system to 50 thousand households in Punjab. Beef Subsidy Program Any program of Eid may be started. Whenever it starts, you will be informed. Solar panels are being provided to consumers who consume up to 100 units of electricity. We have informed you of the big news. Nazir Income Support Program is helping lakhs of women across the country for which Go,There are various programs running under the umbrella of the development program or any other programs. One thing is that the number of beneficiaries of the program of the disbelievers of poverty has increased from 9 million, which is going to one crore. It is hoped that the new The government will work purely for social and economic security and this is to say on behalf of the government that inshallah we will launch the Naib programs very soon to include more and more poor people. 

New Program Start Soon

Besides, as I told you in the beginning, the government is planning to launch a new program of 16 System Five Program Roshan Gharana Program Nighaban Ration Program which will include all those who have The data of Baitul-Mal Pakistan will be taken from Benazir Income Support Program Ehsaas Kafalat Program and their lists are prepared as you have seen in the month of Ramadan that Nighaban ensured the process of distribution through the lists of ration program. In this regard, let us try to inform you that the government has said that the payments will be made through bank accounts in the near future. This is a good sign. Let us also tell you that a dangerous That is, what can be called a pity, the sad news is the news of danger is that the government is saying that more and more people should register themselves, in which the new people will get a good chance, but the old ones will get a chance. It is not good news for people that their status is being liquidated, you are told that you are eligible and the appointees as well as the office bearers also tell the utility control people that you are eligible but da ke choli PMT is a game that people think that if it is less than 32 or 32, then if it goes up, then nil. If the person is there then they can be eligible but there is no chance for others viewer we try to organize videos for you which will benefit you if you listen you will benefit again and again Listen, if you don’t get anything from our video once, you won’t bother to listen to us again, for which I try to search for you with new updates. Yes, there is another news. Let me tell you that those who have done the proxy maintenance PMT survey must contact zero 826 47080026477 and check their proxy in test PMT poverty school which will determine your eligibility.

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