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CM Punjab Skill Development How Apply For Tevta Free Courses CM Punjab Skill Development How Apply For Tevta Free Courses 

CM Punjab Skill Development How Apply For Tevta Free Courses 

Punjab Initiation of news development program on behalf of this program, free IT courses will be conducted to the youth of Punjab, after completing the courses, you will also be provided with an international certificate, on the basis of which you can apply for jobs at the international level in Pakistan. Dear students, let me tell you that if you take one of these courses yourself and do it from an institute, then you will have to pay lakhs of rupees as a fee. What are the requirements of these free IT courses that will be conducted for free? I want to tell you that it is very important for you to know, first of all you can see the Chief Minister Skills Development Program, that is, the name of this program is CM Punjab Skills Development Program. There are six IT courses, that is, six courses are included in it, which are top courses.Read: Ehsaas Amdan Program CNIC Unused Overhaul Check Online Enrollment 25000 OF 2024 

Earn Millions

If you learn them, you can earn millions of rupees sitting at home. The duration of these courses is three months and your classes are evening after that. If I share some things with you guys, the institutes added for male are 23 for females. The institutes that have been added are 12, the total number of seats is 2600 for female, 1400 for female, which is 4000, the youth will be taught these skills. If you scroll down, you can see the application link is given here. I will share the complete method of applying step by step. What are the applications of some students being rejected? I will tell you while applying that the last date to apply is May 3, 2024, but for some courses, the last date to apply is set after May 10. 

Associate and Channel

From which they will start now the most important thing before applying viewers if you want to do graphic designing course then your qualification should be atleast inter. Then the Diploma which you have is Associate and Channel Computer Technology Diplomatically then ICS or your FPID i.e. your Intermediate which should be with computer certificate if you want to apply for graphic designing course. If you want to do data analytics then for that also there is SIM qualification i.e. Intermediate with computer certificate followed by viewers type security if you want to do cyber security course then your qualification should be minimum graduation i.e. PSPS Owners In Computer Science or Engineering ok after that viewers if you want to port up game development then you should have minimum graduation for that too ok if up artificial intelligence which is very most demanded skill artificial intelligences and machine learning its Graduation is also required for this and if you want to do cloud computing course then you should have intermediate and computer certificate for that too. Read:Web portal registration 2024 complete procedure

Matric pass

Matric pass students can’t apply for these courses after that they can check here for Aptitude Test conducted for admission i.e. if you apply then it doesn’t mean your selection sports. Rather, the institute in which you will apply will also conduct an update test, which can be called an admission test or an entry test. There will be a selection, after that the viewers can see what it is, is it their aggression with them, Adobe, Unity, Microsoft etc. You can take the screenshot of it now I will tell you how to apply online for these courses step by step what you have to do is simple yes you have to open your browser you are a mobile user are or are there third shows you can apply for these courses on both devices bit mobile screen is small so you may face some complications simple will write up here portal libra ok porter cable just write it up If you go to Tabata’s website, which is in front of you here, it will open. You have to go to the official website. As soon as you go to the official website, this dialog box will open. Regarding the courses, as soon as you click on it, you will go to their application link. 

CM Punjab Skill Development How Apply For Tevta Free Courses 

G-Skills Driver

OK, one method is this. I will show you by clicking on it. Click here to see the admission form. I have already seen the second method, I will share it with you people, you have to stay inside Google, you have to go to the portal. After that, click here, slash here, yes, there is a link, you should be able to see the link on the screen. Yes, you can give it and type it like click again, you have reached the same admission form. See here the admission form is Depta Punjab course selection is select category ok do you want to do your course if I tell you by roaming here then you can see what these courses are available those people are not taking it ok here everyone Before G-Skills Driver, it is written here, Cyber ​​Security, Game Development, AI Machine Landing, Graduation Fee is OK, that is Interface, i.e. After Intermediate, now you have to see if there are Graduation Passes or Intermediate Passes, for example, UP. There are intermediate passes because what is available now are the second year courses, the second year papers are being conducted, you can apply after that. Hope full certificate is fine. Only those people can apply. Result waiting students can apply. Read: Benazir Income Support Program Has Started Registration

Physical courses

OK, but let’s move on. We will see the sample here. For example, if you want to apply from upper intermediate base to intermediate base, then click on the second one in religion. 

I gave it and clicked now select shift then shift is the same evening time ok deen I clicked on it now you have to select the duster public district for which district to apply I will tell you viewers. You will have physical courses, not online, that is, you cannot do this course sitting at home, but you will have to go to the institute and regularly you will have to go to the division. Which division is like Lahore? If you are also from the district, then go to the institute in Lahore and do your post. Yes, but the up course is in Multan, which institute you will select, you can go and arrange your accommodation there, but let me tell you, it is very powerful. They can say high in it. The instructors who are skilled will be hired. They will hire you. For example, for example, I have selected Lahore. After that, you can see here. 

College of Technology 

I added the three university teams of Lahore. Go to Govt College of Technology Railway Broad Lahore ok it can be for all or for mens Govt Technical Training Institute W means women in this also women will apply in the third one men should apply now Example As I click on the log which is Government College of Technology Railway Road Lahore ok Govt College of Technology Railway Road Lahore I clicked on it now see here select course now asks yes yes yes Select the courses, the highest reference should be only. First means graphic designing. .Read:10500 BISP Survey For Men And Female 

First preference

Look here. Yes, clouds are from clouds. Cloud computers must have references. So I say yes, my computer is my first preference, then second. The third course can be in any number of courses. After doing this, simpleup is getting a next button here, which you have to click on. Further, it was initial, some information had to be added, now the proper application form has been opened, Road Lahore, see here the selected courses. OK multi criteria check minimum entry level which is intermediate with computer certificate check here last date to apply which is 13th May 2024 ok and for some it is 3rd May ok this thing You will see here. Now you have to add some personal information. First of all, your name will be given here. NIC Number Religious and after that you have no salary, add these things.

What is the CM Punjab Skill Development Program?

This Punjab government initiative, launched in May 2024 by CM Maryam Nawaz, offers free training in high-demand IT courses through TEVTA institutes.

Are all TEVTA courses free under this program?

No, only specific IT courses designated under the CM Punjab Skill Development Program are free.

How can I apply for the free TEVTA courses?

Official information on the application process is likely forthcoming. Here are some possibilities based on past practices:

  • Online application portal: The Punjab government or TEVTA might set up a dedicated online portal for applications.
  • TEVTA institute registration: Applications might be handled directly by TEVTA institutes in your area.

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