Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
CM Punjab Launched Free 32 Field HospitalsCM Punjab Launched Free 32 Field Hospitals

CM Punjab Launched Free 32 Field Hospitals:

Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has started 32 field hospitals across Punjab. The work of these field hospitals is to provide health facilities to people in areas where there are no hospitals. These field hospitals will work across Punjab and provide free healthcare and medicine to the people. These are very advanced types of hospitals and have access to everything from primary care to advanced facilities. Around 5000 patients can get medicine and get their check ups done in these hospitals every day. This is a very good initiative of the Punjab government and it seems to be moving towards development. All patient medication and test records within these hostels will be kept safe under the EMR system.

Features Of Field Hospitals:

  • These field hospitals will provide timely medicine to you
  • Field Hospitals will visit different cities across Punjab and will reach your home for your treatment on a phone call.
  • All types of treatment will be provided free of charge within these field hospitals.
  • Apart from first aid, test, and laboratory facilities, free medicines, etc will be included.
  • More than 5,000 patients can benefit from the best treatment facility in field hospitals every day.
  • Inside these field hostels, you will get free medicine supplies, medical advice, an ultrasound X-ray facility, maternal and child examination, first aid, laboratory, and ECG facilities.

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CM Punjab Launched Free 32 Field Hospitals

Future Plans:

  • Pakistan’s first government cancer hospital is being built. This project is being worked on day and night and it will be completed in one year.
  • A cardiac hospital is being built in Sargodha which will be completed in the next one year.
  • Pakistan’s first air ambulance will be inaugurated in the next two weeks
  • Within the next five years, all the cities of Punjab will have the best hospitals
  • And it is also being told that many development projects are being worked on across Pakistan.

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Maryam Nawaz Other Projects:

Many programs have been started by Maryam Nawaz besides Field Hospital. The starting point of all these programs is to provide facilities to the poor people of Punjab and to bring them out of poverty and provide them with a better life. Maryam Nawaz first started the Negahban Program under this program free ration was given to the poor during the month of Ramadan.The Roshan Gharana Scheme has been launched by Maryam Nawaz in which 50 thousand households will be given solar panels. To provide facilities to the students, Maryam Nawaz has launched the Punjab e-bikes scheme. Apart from this, Kisan Card is now being launched in Punjab in which subsidies will be provided to farmers.

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The launch of 32 field hospitals by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif represents a significant milestone in the journey towards universal healthcare in Punjab. With their promise of accessible, high-quality medical services, these hospitals have the potential to transform the healthcare landscape of the province and improve the lives of millions of people. As Punjab continues on its path of development and progress, initiatives like these serve as shining examples of effective governance and public service.

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